7 Ways Tech Has Completely Rewired Our Brains ~ Is It Good?

7 Ways Tech Has Completely Rewired Our Brains ~ Is It Good 2

Man’s psychology has been changed tremendously by technology over the past few decades now we think feel or even dream differently. One way or the other an element of technology has taken over our brains and we don’t even realize it. Let’s have a look at the most common ways tech has completely rewired our brains.

Staying Connected

A few decades ago if someone had to meet or talk to someone they had to go psychically and perform communication in person. Nowadays this idea has outdated we just have to press a button and give them a call these days. Regardless of the geographical distances communication has become easier through technology.

Changing Our Subconscious

We think what we see. As long as we are conscious we are exposed to different kind of media all day long. This includes Television, Laptop and cell phones mainly. Our interaction is more technology based now rather than in real. So, if I have to recall a conversation, I would rather do it through a technological device rather than having a conversation in person.

Dreaming Pattern

 Technology has evolved us to dream in colors. Studies reveal that people who grew up watching black and white television had black and white dreams. Nowadays we even dream in colors and devices like cell phones, laptops, television, camera, and gadgets are a part of our dreams.


People are still addicted to drugs and alcohol but it is difficult especially for the youth to survive without a cell phone or a laptop these days. They constantly check their cell phone messages and calls and update on the social media like Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. This has become an addiction.


Sleeping Habits

A very few people still use an alarm clock or a calendar. People mostly use a reminder on the cell phone that can cater all these needs.People also sleep with their cell phones and check their phones first thing in the morning.  This abnormal behavior is not abnormal anymore because most of us have adopted it and find no flaw in it.

The UnNeeded Alertness

Since we treat technology like our external detachable or a vital organ. We tend to keep it close to us at all times either in the pocket or our hands.

Decreasing Attention Span

So how normal has it become to sit around people and instead of talking to them you talk to someone who is not around you through technology?  Technology has helped you to choose your conversation partner no matter who is present in the real situation near you.

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