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Amazing Mini Theater ~ MovieMask Premium Review - cover

Hey guys! I am back with another crazy review. Its MovieMask Premium Headset on here. This is a bit special than any other reviews we made earlier, this is completely coolest gadget to review and I have personally enjoyed while using it and reviewing it. MovieMask (Don’t get confused it’s not the mask movie) is similar to VR headsets but its completely dedicated for watching 2D movies with awesome cinematic experience, in my MovieMask Premium review I found it its completely amazing experience watching the movie in MovieMask Premium and I loved it. Lets Dive into a full-fledged review of moviemask Premium review.

MovieMask Premium Review

Moviemask is intended to provide complete whole new 2D cinematic movie theater experience while you are actually watching it on mobile. Yep! that’s what it designed for but you can try play motion-based games, other simple VR games and 360 degree videos. 

Amazing Mini Theater ~ MovieMask Premium Review - cover2

Inside MovieMask Premium Box

The package box is well strong enough to carry the mask safely to us, after unboxing it I found the main MovieMask headset, three paper works, a white cleaning cloth and soft cloth made carry bag.

  • Premium Moviemask Headset along with head strip
  • carry bag
  • cleaning cloth and paper stuff.

Design & Build Quality

in my observation, the overall build quality of the mask is fine enough. The front portion of the mask where the mobile device should be inserted is toughest than any other area on the mask, yes, of course, it has to be as it got to hold the mobile device. Remaining areas of the main mask head, the toughness of the mask is good but not super fine, you should handle with care. Zipper for opening and closing the front holder is good quality and gives you nice crispy sound, I love that sound!!

The foam pad and head-strip are fine quality. The head-strip is smooth and strong elastic to fit for any head size, plus we have adjusting knobs on strips to adjust the length according to different head sizes. 

Amazing Mini Theater ~ MovieMask Premium Review - build and design2

Mask contain single lens system to give you unique 2D cinematic experience with 1-to-1 pixel conversion and the placement of the lens in the mask perfect of my viewing experience. One person from our team has felt that lens it too close to viewing and making bit un-comfort watch but once we dive into the watching it there is no question of un-comfort other than enjoying the experience.

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Moviemask designed in an ergonomic way to fit the different facial structures and give the best comfort, our team of 4 people enjoyed using it. it fits for all, just adjust it according to your comfort.

Overall I feel the build quality is sounding premium but need little touch here and there to make it stronger.

Amazing Mini Theater ~ MovieMask Premium Review - build and design3

Viewing Experience

Before going to reveal my experience, ill explain my setup to test this moviemask. I have connected my device  (5.5-inch android device) with Chinic Bluetooth headset, as I felt connecting with wired earphones will leave enough space to get external light into the mask, which may spoil the complete experience. Adjusted the lens length in the mask, as am unable to see the complete screen with default mask length as it was very close to eyes and only center of the screen is viewable. Focusing on complete screen become tough for me with default lens length on the mask, so adjusted length and kept the brightness level normal, comfort.

Amazing Mini Theater ~ MovieMask Premium Review - build and design

As team movie mask team were claiming its completely unique 2D cinematic experience for me watching a movie in moviemask. The lens is clear a portraying the video and colours so good that you almost have clear in-depth big screen view experience. Once you start watching the video play, slowly you get feeling like you are in the movie theatre! all you missing is people heads in front of you! haha!

Watching 360-degree videos in this mask is a seriously whole new level experience. Watched few 360-Degree video on youtube, blown away by the experience I had.I felt like I was there inside the video in real-time, on the clouds, inside the water! oh, that was an awesome experience. This is a completely crazy way to watch movies and 360 video man! thanks to MovieMask team for sending this to me.

In a simple way, I give my experience with product

  • Watching a movie in this mask is really a completely different experience
  • Build quality is good
  • Material used for the product is good
  • Head strap is stretchable and used high-quality material to make it
  • Best choice to watch the film sleeping and sitting position
  • Watching outside environment will allow a tiny light into the headset
  • We can absolutely enjoy the 360 degree video
  • Overall kudos to the team for creating such cinematic experience with this headset


Though the movie mask is brilliantly designed and produced there are certain limitations for users, so there are few recommendations from my side for the team, to get better with next version of movie mask.

  • Some how add controls for video play/pause/next/previous
  • Add a 3.5mm audio extension jack from inside out to connect wired headphones without disturbing the closed environment
  • Though the product feel premium in hands as an end buy/user i expert bit more strongest materials around the lens

That’s it guys! i enjoyed reviewing Moviemask! Check them , there another smaller version of this mask that’s moviemask go!  Hope this review will help you and what are your thoughts about this comment below!!

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