AmpliFi HD ~ The NextGen WiFi Router

Amplifi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router

Amplifi HD, a next generation network coverage solution with a old mechanism but brand new premium design and features. Developed by ubiquiti labs for consumer world and home internet users. its promised to be fast, full coverage and easy operation. Out of box we found its looks fantastic, charming and attractive. Amplifi HD works basically as mesh network to provide high speed data connections to multiple devices at once and distribute the network range to larger areas without any drops.

AmplFi HD Out of Box

Amplifi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router

Things We Get in the Box :

  • Stylish futuristic cube shape router
  • Two mesh points (antennas for extending range) 
  • Power cord
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Quick start and Manual guide


Amplifi HD Specs (Router + Mesh Points)

Dual-band 802.11ac router that comes pre-paired with two 802.11ac mesh nodes
Delivers Up to 5.25 Gbps Aggregate Speed
Router has blooming light at the bottom which make it displayable router
2016 year model
Supports 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
6 radios and one dual-band antenna
1.6inch LED touch screen on main router
Signal strength indicators on mesh points
Supports 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz
128 bit Encryption 
Supported by both Android and IOS mobiles for operating
7.1 two antennas (mesh points in the box to extend coverage)
4 on board gigabyte WLAN Ports and Single USB 2.0 Port (for future purposes)
total product weight 2.3kgs
dimensions 9.8*10*9.9cm



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Diving into Amplifi HD Review


All components in the box are well finished and in single color. its whitish and looks beautiful, premium appearance. In general , all routers concentrate on performance giving the least importance for appearance of the device. The router gets a touch display to make the operation friendly, its supports mutli-color. Router sits on a LED strip that glows pretty beautifully and makes it fancy gadget to keep it in display place or on user tables.

Amplifi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router ~ Main router front Amplifi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router overview router back

The LED display shows statics, data speeds, time and other details depending upon the preferences. Material used for building the components is good quality and feels premium in hands. LAN ports and USB ports are place on the bottom back and precisely.

Amplifi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router ~ Mesh Point


Mesh points are magnetic for easy handling and adjust the angles for better coverage, convenience. These nodes appear as single nodes but actually two components together. the bottom component contain the power pins, you need to simply connect it to wall plug and switch it on, the upper component contains antennas that provides coverage. By connecting them with magnetic mechanism provided you can tilt, rotate antennas in to different angle to adjust.

Overall the design of router and mesh points quite impressive and we loved it.

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 SetUp & App

Setting up a router and configuring it is big tough task for anybody including tech geeks. we need obtain certain IP/Ports details, drivers and login details, all these things to be done manually one by one in regular router setups using the desktop supported software applications. trust me! this is not an easy job for non-tech people.Even the big brands in this category such netgear, linksys, tp-link and D-link never made the setup task easier. Coming mesh network setup its bit more complicated.

Amplifi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router ~ App

But Amplifi HD gives an option simpler solution all these daunting steps involved in router setup. To start with setup you just need to download Amplifi HD app from Google Playstore or iStore, they have apps for both platforms. App works with bluetooth connectivity, it combines both simpler UI and Number of options to configure the router according to your preferences.

After turning on the router, mesh points opened the app!! voila its connected within seconds (bluetooth must be turned on). Setup started from there, it asked for id, password details. App gives us so many options that normal users(non-tech) will get confused but tech-savy people will enjoy all these settings. Once setting up the router finished, you need connect with mesh points, the 5 LED indicators on mesh points will shows better location placement to enjoy full signal strength. App reports present analytics and data speeds.

Amplifi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router ~ App2 Amplifi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router ~ App3

App gives more details for router setup, gives best control over all the available options. After few trails a normal user can also try these advanced settings like creating profiles, allotting or limiting the speed to certain devices, groups, people or even areas too. Using the app is best part of entire setup, you can also allow time based network access. isnt it amazing? apart from these app gives us more details and options to control the coverage, bandwidth sharing, limiting the access etc..

  • App makes the setup job easier
  • Provides Advanced options
  • Gives details report on usage
  • Shows signal strengths, so we can easily adjust placement of mesh points to get stronger Signal
  • NO Desktop apps for configuration, only mobile for mobile platforms
  • Works faster and its simple UI would give pretty much positive setup experience

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Past encouraging a smooth establishment, the AmpliFi application offers basic devices for dealing with your system and checking its status. You can change passwords, delay web access for particular gadgets, and give visitors fast and simple Wi-Fi access for indicated time frames. The AmpliFi single router all alone had a scope of 90 feet, which ought to be all that anyone could need for a little or medium size home. In any case, with its extra mesh point extenders, the work arrange effortlessly took care of my whole 3600-square-foot home, with space to save. Truth be told, it likewise secured an outside yard for end of the week flame broiling sessions.

AmpliFi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router ~ touch screen

A solitary AmpliFi HD switch was fit for a joined throughput of 368.2 Mbps at 5 feet, or around 20 percent of its theoretical greatest. At 150 feet, that throughput dropped to 230.9 Mbps — all that could possibly be needed to share a 100 Mbps broadband association. 

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With a suggested scope region of 20,000 square feet, the AmpliFi HD unit overwhelms other work items. By complexity, a Luma and combine of extenders are prescribed for around 5,000 square feet, while the Eero best out at around 3,000 square feet.

To test the network distribution (3 members sat on three different locations in coverage area) we played a HD Online game on our laptop, Shekar our co-tester watched 4K video on his latest mobile and our another tester Anil downloading a large 12GB file while listening to streaming audio. Guess what!! On connection of 100Mbps nothing is lagged or worked like charm, every one in our test team loved it. 

AmpliFi HD ~ The NextGen Mesh Router ~

  • Its fast
  • Provides greater coverage with main router base
  • Add more mesh points to extend the coverage area and to improve signal strength
  • Provides parental control
  • Can limit the bandwidth usage to certain devices
  • Provides Encryption to stay secure


Final Thoughts ~ Amplifi HD 

I found the AmpliFi HD Mesh based high speed router item from big business organization Ubiquiti Networks, to be bursting quick and totally inconvenience free. In the wake of utilizing it for quite a long time, I’ve just had to re-connect it just once. I can’t say that in regards to some other switch I’ve ever utilized. The application made dealing with my Wi-Fi arrange, and checking its status, incredibly simple. 

Its futuristic high data speed router with excellent coverage, it can be installed in large homes, small scale organisation and even multi-floor buildings and add more mesh points to extend the coverage with drop in the speeds. 

Note : The review is personal opinion of the author who used the product and giving the feed back. It may differ from your opinions, we received this product as sample unit to review it and its honest opinion of the author.

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