Emojis have been an important aspect of our daily lives for some time now. Hundreds of millions of people all around the world find emojis to be an essential tool for digital communication nowadays. They’ve become an integral part of the modern language and constantly shape the way we interact with our friends, family and coworkers.

These cute little faces successfully help us express our thoughts and emotions in a more animated and visual way. So the text messages look as if they come alive. Most people react to emojis the same way they react to real human faces. Studies have even shown that the same part of the human brain is activated when we see smiley face online and when we look at a real human face.

But how did this emoji mania start? The word emoji has a Japanese origin and means “picture character”. In the nineties the father of Japanese emojis, Shigetaka Kurita, created a set of emotion icons that cell phone users could share among each other. At that time, he could not imagine the success these visually translated thoughts and emotions would have over the years. But his concept definitely revealed another form of digital communication which is actually very close to the face-to-face communication. Over the years these expressive visuals have evolved and the cyber world has brought them to real life. Nowadays, we are not only able to use them in digital form, but we often see them on clothes, accessories, office supplies and pretty much everywhere around us.

Create Personalized Expressive Emojis Freely

Emojis have had impact on the whole popular culture. So we use them for various purposes.  Although there is a great variety of emoticons to choose from, we always need a few more that will best describe what we have to say. Hence, in these situations, an emoji maker, such as Labeley Emojis, can come in super handy. No matter what mood you are in, Labeley Emojis will help you create the perfect emoji for the occasion and truly express yourself. You no longer need to search the Internet for emoji sets. With Labeley Emoji tool anyone can create a personalized and custom emoji in just a few minutes.

Labeley Emojis in a completely free online design tool for creating emoji stickers. Since it’s a web app, there is no need to download anything on a computer. Hence, anyone can use it from any computer, as long as they have an Internet connection.

Quick Guide for Creating Emojis with Labeley

The first and only mandatory step is to select shape for your emoji.

Create Personalized Expressive Emojis Freely

Next, add background color.

Create Personalized Expressive Emojis Freely

You can then continue with the rest of the emoji elements, and choose from the galleries of pre designed eyebrows, eyes, mouth, noses, glasses etc. You can also add text message to your emoji, or upload any photo from your computer and emojify it by adding funny eyes, noses etc.

Create Personalized Expressive Emojis Freely

When you think that your design is ready you can save it by clicking on the Save Label button, and your emoji will be saved in the My Designs section on the left side of the screen. To download it just right-click on it and select the Save as option.

Create Personalized Expressive Emojis Freely

We live in an emoji world! So go ahead to Labeley and create as many emojis as you like. There are no limitations.

Another great reason to use Labeley Emojis tool is that it is very simple to use and requires no design skills. Yet it is very comprehensive and allows full customization of the emoji design. Furthermore, users can use it anonymously, without even signing up and providing email address or any other personal information. However, there is an option to open a free user account and store all emoji designs for further modifications.