WhatsApp is the messenger which has the highest number of users worldwide, its consistently improving the user experiences by offering various features and keeping the interest of the user in mind by not adding useless extra features. There are sometimes when people accidentally send wrong message or wrong text to others which they regret but can’t do anything. However, there are some cases which become a big mess when you send accidental messages like sending memes to the boss, sending others secrets and etc. Users always want to delete sent message but the receivers devices contain the copy of the message. So, that’s  the biggest worry for WhatsApp users till now. 

How to Delete Sent Message In WhatsApp From Receiver Device too

According to some reports WhatsApp bringing the most waiting feature to delete sent a message in WhatsApp users who use latest WhatsApp version. 

When you want to delete the sent message all you need to do is tap and hold on sent message, choose delete (dustbin icon) option on the top and press ok.

How to Delete Sent Message In WhatsApp From Receiver Device too

Image Credits: https://twitter.com/wabetainfo

The message will be deleted from the receiver too, it is even deleted from groups and all group members devices if they have the latest version of WhatsApp. So, you can relax if you send a wrong message to groups.

This feature not yet released but it will be soon available to all WhatsApp users around the world and it will work only if both send and receiver have the latest WhatsApp versions on their devices.