Five Free Screen Sharing Tools


Screen-sharing applications offer an assortment of utilization for both individual and expert utilize. Whether you have to share a slide deck, help somebody investigate a specialized issue or give a presentation to your area of expertise, offering your screen to a companion or relative is additionally something that proves to be useful significantly more than you would might suspect.

What is a Screen Sharing or Remote Access Software?

These applications let you give away your screen to one/numerous gadgets without a moment’s delay. These are primarily Remote Access Software which let you share/see/get to a PC on another PC. Screen sharing renders the host’s screen on viewer’s gadget, without giving the viewer a benefit of controlling the host gadget. Screen sharing has application at spots where you would prefer not to offer control to the viewer, or on the off chance that you need to screen a gadget without exasperating the host. The gadgets might be situated in a similar system or remotely anyplace around the globe. Host and viewer can convey over a content talk or VoIP, contingent on the administrations gave by the product.

various applications offer these services for a month to month charge. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you needn’t bother with screen-sharing usefulness constantly, you might not have any desire to spend a month to month charge for a program. Fear not, here are 5 screen-sharing programs that will get you on your approach to virtual cooperation.

Team Viewer

Team Viewer is a screen sharing programming, which renders remote desktop association for no cost. This product is allowed to use for individual reason, while business form should be paid for. It can be effortlessly installed, and the UI is easy to utilize. It is possible that you can setup an individual association between two desktops, or you can utilize it in a Meeting Mode. The 1 to 1 association gives full access of the gadget to the viewer, where as the Meeting Mode lets you to simply share the screen to the viewers. 1-25 viewers can join a meeting. This free screen sharing system has different other valuable alternatives too that assistance for a sound collaboration.

Aero Admin

AeroAdmin is a light screen sharing programming for PC. This product is absolutely allowed to utilize and download. Installation not required, the downloaded .exe file hurries to fill its need. Both customer and server choices are incorporated into a single UI. The product should be installed at both ends, i.e viewer and server. Full control, file exchange and view just are the capacities accessible with this free remote get to programming.


The application you may likely utilized frequently to video communication with your buddies, family and partners, yet you can utilize it as a screen-sharing instrument. Before, you required a membership to utilize the screen sharing administration, however about a year back, Skype opened up the component to free memebrs. You can likewise send records/files and share your screen to people or a gathering. In case you’re now usual to utilizing Skype for informing, video talk and calls, it may bode well to begin utilizing it for screen-sharing purposes too.


Mikogo is a free screen sharing programming. This remote get to instrument can be utilized for non-business purposes for no cost. To have a screen, you have to download either the installable file , or the convenient variant (less choices) which requires no installations. Both adaptations can host and view a session. Full control or View no one but power can be allowed by the Presenter to any viewer. Talk/File exchange alternative makes this an extremely solid remote get to programming. A session can likewise be seen on a program through HTML.

Screen Leap

ScreenLeap is a browser program based screen sharer which gives you a chance to communicate your browser screen for others to see. You can download the ScreenLeap Google Chrome Plugin and begin sharing. A join is required before you begin sharing your screen. The module is anything but difficult to download. You can make a free record, which gives you a chance to utilize the office for 60 minutes/day and can be communicated to 8 gadgets/session. After you sign in and begin the session, a URL is given, which can be sent to individuals with whom you need to share the session with. You can move up to a paid adaptation at whatever time, arrangements are accessible on the site.

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