Five Reasons Why SMS or Calls Gets Failed failed

Sending a SMS is easiest way to convey the message to some one but sometimes it gives us bad experience and irritation. We may need to send a SMS in emergency or must reply to someone or you may have to put a message for your higher officials regarding something important, in that time if the SMS sending gets failed due any reason, the situation becomes worst anyone. In regular usage we may not face any issues to send SMS and we dont think about failure reasons but when its failed then our mind start to think about why the SMS sending gets failed, in this article we are trying to put some causes, one of them which may be become reason for your SMS sending failure, So check once. failed

Out of Balance/Credit

It is the first thing we have to check when an SMS gets failed to send, each network has their own dialing numbers to receive balance information. Users may opted out for special SMS top-up’s, these top-ups gives specific number of SMS’s with time limit. Expiration of these SMS top-ups wont let you send an SMS. In certain countries there is limitation in sending SMS’s on daily basis, for example in India there is 100 SMS cap limit per day, exceeding this limit also wont let you send SMS. The case is also similar for calls.


When mobile user doesn’t do any activity with his number for a certain period of time the service gets barred means the network provider disables the services on that number. In another case your default settings may be altered in mobile phone which leads to call barring and SMS barring. First you need to check with network provider whether the services got barred from their end, if not its in your mobile configurations now. try to fix the call settings and SMS settings to re-enable services.

Message Center Number

When your mobile gets registered in network of SIM provider, by default it loads configurations like GPRS settings, Message Center Number and some network provider numbers. These will help you to perform calling, receiving, sms sending and receiving. If the message center number is altered from default number or if the message center number for that particular circle is different from the number you have in setting then you cant send SMS. It will give you error message always, calling your network provider will help you in this case. They will give you the message center number and guides you “how to set them”.

Network Errors

In this case, due bad weather conditions, power problems and internal damages cause the network down. When the network goes down you cant call or do SMS. On special wishing days like in festival days, new year days or any special days the network server faces huge traffic because of high rate of SMS’s sending and receiving. This cause the server down issues again,you can experience these kind situation on new year days. If the local signal tower faces huge traffic exceeding its capacity, it causes same problem.

Device Problems failed-1

If all the above cases are not reason for your error then its in your mobile. Under the hood there is lot of functionality goes for each operation. These involves like signal, radio services, packet binding, memory management and other things. Normal users easily wont understand these things. So, you need to find out by doing some research online for that particular mobile model or you may have to consult a mobile expert who can solve the issue.

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