Google Pixel 3 ~ What We Don’t Want to See

Google Pixel 3 ~ What We Don't Want to See

The second generation smartphones in the line Pixel by Google are indeed flagships, however, still suffers from a few defects and problems that users are complaining. And, we expect Google to fix them all with the launch of Google Pixel 3 and what we don’t want to see.

The operating system not found: This problem has acquired a mass character. On the Reddit resource, device owners complain that when the device is turned on for the first time, a message appears on its screen about the inability to find a working operating system. And, yes Google was ready for action; new smartphones were sent to replace defective devices with new ones.

Strange sounds and clicks: Some devices cause high-frequency sounds and tap/clicks when used. This problem, according to the promises of the company, will be eliminated when software updates the devices.

Some owners faced such an unpleasant defect as the “burnout” of the screen. The display keeps track of the notification icons and control buttons, while the device did not have to display them. With this problem, Google promised to understand the next software update.

Google Pixel 3 ~ What We Don't Want to See ~ screen burnout

Well, above problems of Google Pixel 2 can be annoying, hope Google Pixel 3 will pass through more quality process, and end user should receive the flagship in working and reliable condition.

Below are the user reviews for Pixel 2 smartphone

Pixel 2 XL became the favourite of most reviewers because of its large screen, and the base version is less popular because in the era of frameless devices it looks archaic. Nevertheless, both smartphones received high ratings from users.

Many called the performance of devices phenomenal. They are equipped with one of the best processors for today, which received other flagships, but surpass many competitors in terms of speed. The owners of smartphones noted that applications and even “heavy” games are launched almost instantly.

Users noted the excellent quality of the cameras of both smartphones: at night the pictures are decent, in a room with insufficient lighting, the sharpness of the photos does not fall, and during photography during the day, excellent photos with correct colours are obtained.

Google Pixel 3 ~ What We Don't Want to See ~ screen flashes

Differing battery life is another of the virtues of the second generation of Pixel smartphones. When shooting a video, photographing a lot, communicating in social networks, listening to music, it’s impossible to defuse a smartphone for a day. By evening, about 40% of the charge remains, and it is just okay! Like the other users and with heavy use, as always active screen and phone music recognition. Of the minuses/cons of the devices, the most significant problems were with the screen. Many do not like that even with a slight tilt of the display it goes away to the blue. Another thing, which didn’t make users happy, is the availability of accessories.

Now you know, the flagship Google Pixel 2 is a great smartphone, but a few shortfalls can kill the rise. If we are expecting that Google to fix this with Pixel 3 then we are not hoping high.

The opinion about Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL is ambiguous. Outwardly they look nicer than their predecessors; they got all the modern functions, including Google Assistant when squeezing faces. The design is still controversial, an amateur. The materials are qualitative, the assembly is excellent, but there is no feeling that you hold the phone in your hand for a lot of money. If you are a fan of “pure” Android, you cannot imagine life without one of the best mobile cameras on the market, and you can buy the device.

Things that we would really hope to see in next Google Pixel 3

Pixel 2 has suffered, and it has no 3.5 mm connector. We know Google is serious about design and device compactness. However, the usability of the device shouldn’t suffer for the sake of some design change. Many users have complained about it; Google shouldn’t go Apple way.

Another thing about Pixel 2 that has attracted user’s eye was “not the best display”. Yes, Pixel 2 display is high-end, but it isn’t the best in the market. It is an old school, and Google should work on serious innovation if they want to make PIxel 3 a hit.

Google Pixel 3 ~ What We Don't Want to See

“High price”, yes Pixel 2 can be called as an expensive smartphone considering the reliability and functionality it can offer. And, it doesn’t attract many eyes if we consider the case of iPhone X and S8.

And what do you think, Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL – is the failure of Google or another worthy device from the search giant? Well, we believe the second generation Pixel is not a failure but learning for Google. If they need to grab some good place in the smartphone market, they should go after innovation. The serious design change and high-end technology can make it possible. Mobile world congress 2018 has already unveiled the beast technology to be powered in the next generation smartphones. Google shouldn’t be behind in the race, it should catch-up the pace with Google Pixel 3, what’s do you think?

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