How To Begin Affiliate Marketing ~ Blogger Basics

How To Begin Affiliate Marketing ~ Blogger Basics

I’m addressing this to all beginner affiliate marketers who are looking to make money on the internet. There are a few topics that I would like to cover with you here to aid you in your quest to turn a profit online. A few years back I was a beginner too and I wish that somebody had told me some of this information. As it was, I had to learn the hard way through making my own mistakes and creating my own falls and disappointments.

Internet marketing can be divided into 5 different categories. These are: · the website · search engines · social media / industry communities · directories · product feeds/stores

How To Begin Affiliate Marketing ~ Blogger Basics
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Let’s explore each one to find out exactly what each of these elements can do for you as an affiliate marketer.


this is really your marketing brochure. In addition to explaining who you are and what you have to offer, this is where you provide useful and educational material to your visitors that will make them want to come back to your site. Another challenge here is to create credibility and trust in the eyes of your customers.

Search Engines Optimization(SEO)

if you can promote your website so that it performs well for your chosen search terms (known as keywords) in the search engines then you can be onto winning profits. Another way to use the search engines is to use them for advertising your products by the use of paid ads such as Google Ads. It is crucial to understand which words are relevant to your business and products.

Social Media / Communities 

sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are known as social networking sites. For each market niche there is usually a community available to network and help prospects and contacts with their issues in the niche. In addition to these sites, social media also includes blogs. Blogs provide a means to create new fresh material for your website on a regular basis and show that somebody is at ‘home’ on your site. As a budding affiliate marketer, you do not want to miss out on the opportunities offered here.


Google maps, Yell and are all directories that your business should be listed in for the best results, even if it is an internet business. Not only will you gain from the links and the traffic, you will get further coverage on mobile devices such as iPhones.

Product Feeds

What I’m referring to here are the shopping sites of the internet. For example, you could create a product feed that can be used on Google. This means that when somebody searches for a product just like yours, your own offering can be displayed with price in the shopping results. There are various shopping sites such as Ebay and Amazon where you can advertise your wares and gain from the marketing power of these huge and well established internet sites. Both Ebay and Amazon even have special affiliate marketer programs, if you would like to sell some of their own products on your site.

The internet is growing on a daily basis and offers much in terms of money making opportunities to affiliate marketers. Make sure that you don’t miss out by ensuring that your business is taking advantage of each of these marketing components today.

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