How to Reply Faster Than Your Friends


Chatting/Conversations are always a cool idea to interacting with your best buddies instead of talking on phone. These days people likes the speed, doing everything in fast manner, which is suitable for this generation. Surfing the net, downloading, information sharing, uploading the pics onto social media, editing pics, riding on bike with good speed, instant foods and everything this generation likes do it faster and faster. When it comes to conversations/chatting with friends in mobile or PC online the replies comes little slower than we expect. There are many keyboard layouts available for fast typing on the net but yet all of them are needed typing the alphabets. That’s why google introduced a simple mechanism on its official Google Keyboard for making the sending the text/replies quicker than ever. The Google keyboard comes as default keyboard on android but many people are not aware of this special functionality. The functionality google integrated is simple, just swiping the word. its pretty fast,quick and accurate. Even you get word prediction in swiping, so you can choose the words to send. All you have to do is swipe on the letters of word which you want to send.

To understand this in simple way, follow this example: i am selecting a word “how are you”, to type in swiping method i will start swiping from “h” alphabet and then continue the swiping to “o” and “w”, similar way we have to start swiping on “a” and continue onto “r” and “e” to finish the word ‘are’. similarly, we can complete the word “you”. try this simple method, if you do it once or twice you will understand how speed the swiping functionality on google keyboard. It makes you send the text an instant by just swiping.

Check this demo video for more understanding.

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