How to Send Big Emojis, Stickers and Doodles in whatsapp

The latest update from Whatsapp comes with very interesting and “fun”tastic features. Ever since the giant Facebook owned the Whatsapp, the application keep better and better with many interesting features every time an update released. The latest version 2.16.275 of Whatsapp for android comes with such interesting features which makes the conversation more interesting, fun and creative. Now even group chats are getting few cool updates, lets check whats are they.

Tagging someone in Group chats

now you can point some one directly in group chat by tagging them in the conversation. so no one can ignore the fact that group is talking about them. haha! there will times people will get irritated with this option as there is no way to act like “i haven’t read that message”. So how to tag someone in group chats of Whatsapp??

  • Open group chat
  • Type @ symbol
  • A pop-up will come, with contact list belongs to that group
  • Tap on the contact whom you want to tag
  • The tagged contact will be shown in blue in color
  • Tagged contact will be displayed to all with name that they stored in their mobiles

Zoom in while Recording Video in Whatsapp

Another cool feature added in this latest update is you can zoom in while recording the video in Whatsapp. Earlier you can only record a video, no zoom in or zoom out. Tap on capture icon or red icon and hold it for recording video. Dont released the icon and drag it upwards for zooming in and downwards for zoom out.

New iOS kind Emoji’s in whatsapp

Emoji’s got an upgrad in this latest version, the old emoji are changed now to look alike iOS platform kind of emoji. These new emoji look slight different from previous emojis. However, the expression of these latest emojis are look better than the old ones. so now you can express your feeling more accurate with new expressive emoji’s.

Add Big Stickers & Emoji & Doodles to Images Before Sending

Now forwarding images in Whatsapp got better with new features in this latest updates. Earlier we can only able to send the flat images, in fact, to be creative we need to do the editing stuff outside the Whatsapp. This new update integrated the features big stickers, adding text and doodles which can be work on images before forwarding. You will get all these three option before forwarding the image in Whatsapp, all you need to use your skills and make the creative image out of normal image.

The sticker contains the Big emojis, which creates more expressive impact for conversations. Tap and hold the moji with two finger, to make the emoji bigger just drag the two fingers away from each other and place the them on the image. similarly you can insert the text and doodles on the images. So no more boring with image forwarding, make most out of it with your skills.

you can check how to send big emojis, stickers and doodle in this video.

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