Prisma ~ The Viral App is Now Available for Android

Earlier, this month we have seen how quick the photo filter app gained popularity with its release on iOS. We have already reported how Prisma works, how to use the application and to turn your boring photographs into fantastic artistic paintings. Initially the app was only available for iOS users, but with the huge popularity and demand from other platforms the developers announced the android version which have massive user base. After the few days of iOS app release, a beta version of Prisma app was released from their official website.



The app is now officially available for android users, the official app placed in the play store. The android users also can have lot fun now, thanks to the developers who took very little amount of time to develop the app for android users. When it was launched in iOS stores it doesn’t took much time to become the top app in charts of iOS stores , then the demand for android version was increased tremendously all around the globe. However, the wait is over, the app is finally made its way to Google Play Store.


when we downloaded and used it android, it seemed like normal app, it just gives option either click for new photo or to pick to image from the gallery and then on the choice of filter the app turns the image into artistic paints. So, whats the difference between the other apps and this one? other apps uses built in filters or their online filters on the image but when it comes to prisma, prisma uses AI based algorithms to generate the new image.  Prisma takes the user given image input and start re-building it from scratch point. It applied intelligent logic designs at each scratch of image and gives a fantastic output to the users. Once you upload the image it takes few seconds of time as it has to re-build the image from scratch again.

So, for all the prisma enthusiasts on android platform the wait is over, download it from here : Prisma

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