Using Google to Find Study Material and Its Easy

It is always a hectic task to gather the required study material for your preparations or studies. Most of the time we ask our friends, classmates, colleagues and educated people around us to know the place where we can find the required material. Physically travelling to other cities for buying the educational stuff is always time consuming, due to this reason many people leave those topics aside and prepares for other topics. Still, many of the students are not aware of power Google search and Google apps. Google helps the students and teaching staff in many ways, several apps are already developed and readily available for the students and teachers. In this article we are trying to put forth few methods to seek the information from Google search engine, later in other article we discuss Google Apps for education.

Google Search

Google Search is a powerful tools for anyone but for students its is more than powerful. If you know different ways googling then it is very easy to find the required information out form the vast internet. Giving queries to search engine becomes a crucial step in any search, using these queries anyone can find sites, pages, blogs, books, pdf files, documents, press releases, audio, videos and etc. here are few tips for finding the documents which are available on internet with your search query keywords.

Finding document types .doc, .xls .pdf

Finding these file types in the vast internet become easier task with google search, the google search engine gives the exact results you want if you search with proper sentence forming. for example to find a android marshmallow tutorial guide you can simply insert “Android marshmallow  .pdf” in google search, and you will find the results which are related to android marshamallow but in pdf form of document. If the any books are available then they directly come up in the result, then you open up or download them to read later.


similarly you can search for .doc .xls and other extension files. Some content on the internet not entirely free available, copy rights or fair usage limits are applied to them. So be aware when you download and distribute them to other. Using those extensions in your search query surprisingly you can get entire text books if your lucky no need of spending single penny. For example search for “windows for dummies pdf” , check the surprising result you get a list big books ready for download

.http://www.trendinginfo.net_power of google


Define: If you want find definition/meaning of any particular word then google will help you instantly, you dont need to turn several pages on your dictionary. Along with definition google also bring grammatical information of that particular word. For example: Define sarcastic


You can use ‘mean’ in front of the word to get the meaning. In the above example google also gave information how to pronounce with showing phonetics and the word belongs to which category in parts of speech.

Formula: Using this keyword you can get any required formula from the google, google searches through the pages for best answer for you query and displays on same itself. For example insert Formula compound interest and you will get the best answer on same page itself.

Inurl : Inurl keyword takes the you query and gives the result for the word which is used immediately after inurl:, the query bring all urls which contains the word the user inserts after the inurl. For example inurl: free tutorials, this string gives the all url which contains “free tutorials”   keyword in their url.

Info: this search operator gives us information regarding words used after “info:” search string.  for example, “info: the aurgumentative india ” would gives the information regarding the book like who written it, when was it written and what the book deals with.

site: site search string brings us all the websites which contains the keyword inserted after the search string for example “site: stephen hawkings” gives all the sites which contains stephen hawkings word in in their webpages. The search results contains only websites lists which contains keyword used, so it makes easy for the user to reach the websites easily.

double quotes (” “) : using these double quotes the search engine includes results of pages which contains exactly same word passed in the keyword in same order. this will help you find the exact pages/sites you are looking for. for example : “Boolean operators” will only gives the pages contain the same keyword.

There are many other google search operator are available, which makes the life pretty easy. We will talk about them in next article in this series.


Disclaimer : the above information educational purpose only.

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