WiFi Calling on Google Pixel ~ With JIO

Google India says on Twitter that the Google Pixel on India’s Jio system will soon get VoLTE and WiFi bringing in a upcoming software updates. In particular, the tweet says to “watch out for the next Nougat Update,” proposing that the feature(s) ought to come moderately soon…

We clearly don’t have simple access to a Pixel gadget running in India… on Jio, so we can’t affirm this for ourselves. In any case, while the tweet is dubious there is a touch of data drifting around that can clear up things for us. Telecomtalk.info reports that VoLTE really went to the Pixel on Jio back in December, and that this pending Nougat update will empower WiFi calling.

Basically, this will imply that clients on Jio who don’t have extraordinary cell benefit yet do have a better than average WiFi association will have the capacity to make calls from their Jio telephone number even in those low-gathering regions. Watch out for the update coming soon.

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