100 Websites that Rule the Internet

100 Websites that Rule the Internet infographics

100 Websites That Rule the Internet - Vodien.com - Infographic
Infographic developed by Vodien.com

Whether we want it or not, it’s a fact: some online resources/companies are so popular and so powerful that we can totally say that they rule the Internet.

Let’s look at the top 7, shall we?

No surprise that #1 is Google. Followed up by YouTube (that is currently owned by Google). Those two sure lead in traffic.

Facebook is positioned under #3, and it is definitely the biggest social network so far (even though it’s still banned in China).

Amazon is #4 on this list. And no wonder since they are offering a free trial of their Prime membership, which ends up with %70 subscription rate at the end of the period. Won’t even try to hide it, I think Amazon is amazing.

#5 is Yahoo! Ummm… Really?

#6 in traffic is Wikipedia. Even though it doesn’t have a great reputation among educational communities, it’s definitely a way to go with half of online searches.

And #7 is Reddit. Reddit is probably the most unusual and the most active social community I’ve seen so far. Maybe, a big part of it (unlike other social media) is the anonymity of its users. People tend to be more honest in speaking their mind when being covered by a name that none can recognize.

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