4 Ways Repeating a Class Becomes Difficult for Repeater Student

4 Ways Repeating a Class Becomes Difficult for Repeater Student

Repeating a class is not a bad thing but it is usually perceived that students who repeat the class are dumb. Repeating the class makes the student depressed and sad which make his educational life difficult and he also loses interest in his studies. 4 ways are discussed in this article which makes repeating a class difficult for the repeater student.

Repeater Student Gets Differential Attitude from Class Fellows and Teachers

Repeater student is being treated differently by his class fellows and teachers. He has to face sarcastic remarks and criticism in the school which keeps him distracted and sad in school. He never gets help from teachers or other fellows of his class. Repeater student is being bullied and judged on the basis of his educational performance. He is being segregated in his classroom which makes him aloof and distant from the rest of the class.

Repeater Student Faces Criticism from Family and Society

School life is difficult for the repeater student but he has to face different problems in his society and family as well. The unsupportive families play a negative role by always criticizing the repeater student. Repeater student avoid meeting people because he is being questioned for the reasons of his failure. He is being labeled as failure wherever he goes, it fosters self-loathing and at last he doesn’t feel working hard to get good grades. His educational performance further falls own which can jeopardize his student career as well.

Psychological Wellbeing of Repeater Student is Hampered by Continuous Negativity

Repeater student always faces criticism and negativity which hampers his psychological growth. His daily experiences make him negative and loses hope in everything, he becomes depressed and isolated because no one is there to encourage him. He spends difficult time in school and his family life is also not smooth, these all things contribute in making him anxious, worried and sad and as a result the chances of his failure strengthen which put his future at stake.

Repeater Student Doesn’t get Guidance from Teachers

Repeater student never gets enough support from his peer group as well as teachers. Teachers should be encouraging and role model for their students but unfortunately teachers treat repeater student with contempt and don’t help them effectively to get improved result. School authorities also fail to assess the problems of a repeater student. These all things adversely affect his education and life.

From the above discussion it has been concluded that repeating a class becomes quite difficult for the repeater student. Repeating a class requires one year but this one year is full of problems and worries which affect the repeater student in a bad way. He becomes careless and loses interest in his education. These students should be treated normally so that they can feel motivated and work hard to achieve the passing grades. Teachers should treat them politely and also advise other students to help him with education related affairs. Parents should be supporting enough to encourage their children and guide them in their difficult times.

Author’s Bio: This article has been written by David Star, a Teacher, a Philanthropist and a writer who mostly covers topics Do My College Homework related to education, students and social issues.

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