5 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money on Instagram

5 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money on Instagram - www.trendinginfo.net

Instagram is drastically expanding its opportunities as a powerful social media platform. It helps some people earn hundreds and thousands of bucks. No wonder: more than 500 million of monthly active users make their regular Instagram posts for different purposes. And while the majority interacts on Instagram for personal use, some individuals are already getting serious cash.

How to get paid on Instagram? At this point, you need to start off with a great number of followers and possibly sponsors. A little after you may attract numerous brands who will be ready to pay you for advertising their products or services. To make sure this will work 100%, you’ll have to market the generations, in other words, know who your target audience is.

Right below you can read several workable ways to help you receive your income online through this particular social network, whether it’s an ad or an affiliate partnership. Note down that developing your own Instagram brand takes time and efforts before you can start earning substantial amounts of money.

1. Sell Your Photos to Other Brands

Did you know that some of the popular Instagram profiles with super high-quality pictures can sell them to brands who are particularly interested in such content? In fact, this is quite a frequent practice that you can try as well. If your photos are indeed beautiful and high quality, they may be useful for some brands out there. For instance, Foap can help you sell your pictures for $10 apiece, although the half of this price goes to Foap itself. But you can search for high-paying projects in the “Missions” section and compete for prices starting from $100.

2. Start an Affiliate Networking with Companies

Numerous Instagram profile owners with at least several thousands of followers advertise some type of products and services that they are being paid for. Nowadays, brands prefer investing big money into their promotion across Instagram and you can use it too. To sell some of the company’s products and services or to capture leads, first of all, you need to find those brands. Try out Peerfly to look for different offers. And on Peerfly you don’t even have to make your subscribers buy something from them, even capturing leads would be enough for the company to pay you a few bucks.

3. Build an Email List and Send It to Affiliate Partners

How to gather such information from your subscribers? With services like MailChimp, it’s possible to collect more than 2,000 emails for no charge. Such list will help you send emails to your particular Instagram audience advertising affiliate (or your own) products. MailChimp gives you a chance to monitor and edit the content of your emails. This is a great way to establish a closer contact with your subscribers and then make them purchase the necessary product/service.

4. Join Some Large Multi-Level Marketing Company

A lot of large and influential companies work with their potential customers through Instagram and many of them need more people able to influence their audience’s choice. For instance, you are a member of some huge company promoting healthy lifestyle and by posting your healthy meals, ‘gym’ photos and motivational ‘before and after’ pictures you may stimulate subscribers to be in a good shape as well. And, of course, you can include URLs to the promoted company who may help them out with this goal.

5. Get Paid for Advertisements

If numerous followers watch your Instagram page and all of your posts reach thousands of likes in minutes, then you may be interested in influential sponsors. They can pay you money for advertising their products/services on your page. The more followers and their engagement on your page – the more money you can claim for one ad. In some cases, such brands will find you and offer a sponsorship, however, you can also do that on your own through The Mobile Media Lab.

So, as you may see, getting money online is not a myth. Influential Instagrammers don’t hesitate to earn some good cash on advertisements or an affiliate partnership. Use the aforementioned methods to try it for yourself.

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