7 Mobile Apps to Earn Money in Your Spare Time

7 Mobile Apps to Earn Money in Your Spare Time

Almost every person has a smartphone nowadays but not everybody knows all the opportunities it can give. We use apps all the time and sometimes even buy additional features.

What if apps could pay you for just using them? It is possible to earn some extra money this way without any effort. You will not become a billionaire but it can allow you to buy a present for a close person or just treat yourself. Here is the list of the apps you may use to earn some money just by watching videos or taking surveys.

1. Secret Missions App

QuickThoughts is an app that offers you to become a secret agent and investigator for pleasant bonuses. You will be sent on location-based missions to complete the tasks that will show customer’s experience. You might be asked to take a few photos to help the business. It might be a good way to save money on holidays as while exploring the new places you will get a reward. The app rewards users with gift cards for Amazon and iTunes.

2. Easy Surveys

Swagbucks is known to be secure and reliable paid survey application. It is a number one choice in this category thanks to good marks from the Better Business Bureau. All you need to do to earn money is to answer simple questions. For example, what do you prefer – Pepsi or Coke? What day of the week is the best for you to go to the mall? As you can see answering this will not take much effort. This simple work may bring you about ten dollars for one hour of completing the surveys.

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3. Test Your Knowledge

If you like watching documentaries, educational videos, read books or just learn interesting facts, it is time to get money for your knowledge. Perk Pop Quiz app pays you money for every right answer on the topics like music, health, history, politics, sports, and others. There are also surveys about TV series and games. These entertaining activities can easily become profitable. With this app, there is no such a thing as useless knowledge. You can redeem the earned money as gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Gap, Starbucks, Target etc.

4. Paid Window Shopping

Online shopping is very convenient but not that enjoyable as going to the real stores, especially if you get money for this. Shopkick app gives bonuses for visiting stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Macy’s and others. If you make purchases with a connected card, you will get more points. The bonuses earned in the app can be changed for gift cards to Starbucks, Target, Sephora and other stores. It is a great deal for shopping lovers.

5. Amazon Shopper App

If you use Amazon regularly, there is a chance to make this process profitable. Your experiences will help the company research tastes and preferences of an average customer. Unfortunately, this works only for the US citizens that are at least eighteen years old with Windows 7 on their computer. You need to install Shop Tracker App on your smartphone and computer. It will collect the information about your choices without indicating your name or shipping address. You will receive a gift card for your help.

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6. Money for Searching the Web

InboxDollars is an app that pays users for searching the web. The tasks are different but the main activity is to test their search engine. The app pays five dollars for downloading it and singing in. Each one of the first five searches costs a cent. Further, you will get the same amount for every two searches. It might seem not too much but if you do it regularly the amount might surprise you.

7. Cash back for the Photos of Your Receipts

Ibotta app gives you a chance to get cash back on your purchases. Before going shopping you need to check the available offers. You may see the new deals every seven days. Ibotta gives different amounts back for the purchases from a certain shop. It might be a few cents or a dollar. When you earn twenty dollars, you may get your money via PayPal or Venmo. There is also a bonus for signing in.

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