7 upcoming web design trends you need to watch out for in 2018

7 upcoming web design trends

If you ask me personally, I say to be skilled professional web designer or to have website which is needs to be match with latest trends the developers and designers must have a watch on upcoming web design trends on the market. 

A spanking new year is upon us. It’s time to mull over what went wrong last year and go on the path of course correction. No need to carry on using bad design habits that never proved beneficial in 2017. Rather, it’s time we brought some tweaks and changes to the design trends from the year gone by and leverage them afresh, though with a modern twist.  

Naturally, web design is dynamic and it will keep evolving year on, so you have to be ready to brace up to newer things and benefit from a shift in technology. Not all web design trends from last year would become redundant simply because you have entered into a new year. And this is something you need to keep in mind.  

Further, you can’t go wrong with the web design used else it might have a huge bearing on the way your business is perceived on the web. All the elements, be it aesthetics, functionality, simplicity etc., should be taken into consideration before you choose the web design that would be a perfect fit for your cause.

Below 7 upcoming web design trends to look forward to in 2018

Mobile-friendly design to get more prominence   

With close to half of all website traffic generated through mobile phones, it’s not tough to look where the web design trends are headed to. Nobody can deny that mobile-friendly web design is growing in relevance for fast several years and there’s no reason this trend would not continue this year. Plus, Google will place more value on the mobile version of your site and ensure more weight to them in search results.  

7 upcoming web design trends - mobile friendlyFurther, publishers are set to benefit from Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) coding standard to load their sites quickly on mobile. With pages now loading almost instantly, you can be convinced that mobile-friendly design is going to rule the day the whole year for sure.

Responsive Design to continue being a necessity  

Like previous years, responsive design is going to remain a necessity and also a key web design trend to keep a tab on. In fact, it is more of a principle rather than a trend as without being responsive no business is going to survive. So, your website needs to be designed and resized in a way to give uniform appearance across multiple screen sizes.     

The design of your website has to be responsive enough to deliver consistency across mobile, tablets, TV, wearable or desktops. You should be ready to leverage responsive web design so that your website always performs up to the mark and remains available to more users on the web.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning  

AI is no more restricted to sci-fi films so does machine learning. Both these innovative concepts are turning mainstream and contributing a lot of tech advancements.

E-tailers have already started leveraging voice-based tools in their designs to let buyers benefit from the power of automation. AI tools are now easily available to web developers and 2018 could be the breakthrough year when artificial intelligence really took off in the true sense.

Similarly, it’s not uncommon to find companies offering Al-based web designs and this trend will continue to soar upwards. We could expect AI and machine learning to be used in web design in more advanced ways to bring a drastic change to the domain as a whole.

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Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs)

We have seen how file formats continue to evolve over the years adding weight and vibe to websites. There are not all hunky dory with conventional file formats as not all of them prove an advantage to web design. Naturally, designers are lapping up scalable vector graphics – a kind of graphics format with the superior value over existing file formats.  

This year, you could expect formats like PNG, GIF and JPG joined by SVG, which offer a variety of advantages for being vector images, not pixels. Such graphics will be scalable, won’t impact page speed (for not requiring HTTP requests) and ensure quality multimedia experience when animated.

Custom illustrations

More websites this year are going to benefit from the power of custom illustrations to add an element of fun to them. They will create images that are friendly, interactive and capable of attracting customer attention. So, it will be a reality to get illustrations befitting your brand ethos and excel in the market.

7 upcoming web design trends - mobile friendly - custom illustrations

The trend of custom illustrations is going to be very helpful for brands aiming to present themselves as fun and energetic. With unique illustration style to match your brand ethos, there should not any issue in getting one to suit your business perfectly. This web trend is sure to catch up however its impact will be more of a niche variety than all-encompassing.  

Big, Bold Typography

Brands have always relied on typography to have a powerful visual tool, find a sense of uniqueness and convey key information on the website. Their utility is now going to go up further because device resolutions are increasingly getting sharper by the day. So, there will be a big surge in the use of custom fonts.

7 upcoming web design trends - mobile friendly - big fonts

Plus, browsers now support hand-made typefaces enabled by CSS and large letters can help improve UX and make visitors interested in reading your website. You could expect web pages this year to feature large and impactful headers shaped out of creative typefaces. This is how typography will become a web design trend not to ignore this year.

Integrated Animations

Animations are now more in use for brands to enhance their communication approach. They have always been helpful in engaging the visitor throughout their entire web page experience. Integrated animations are going a great way to draw users into the story of a website.  

Other Major Observations


Eye Catchy Variable Fonts

According Jason Pamental a designer, teacher and strategist the variable fonts make big shift in web design trends in 2018. “Support for them is growing rapidly at both the OS and browser level,” he explains. “The big providers are moving rapidly to expand the available typefaces.

That sets the stage for a huge change in how we can design for the web: we can use any width or weight we want in our designs — vastly expanding our ‘vocal range’ in giving voice to our words — all while still improving overall performance with reduced file size.”

Also, he said “Variable fonts make it possible to tailor character width for different screen sizes and languages to provide better line length, adjusting text grade (think overall foreground/background contrast) for people with low vision or in low-light scenarios, as well as adjusting the ‘optical size’ of characters as they are represented at physically smaller sizes for better readability. And that’s just what we can see now. Once we have more time and real use cases, there’s no telling how much more we can do.”

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Environment Friendly

Tim Frick, Author of Designing for Sustainability and CEO of an Digital Agency explained  “The environmental community has successfully taken the lead in pressuring large tech companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook to power their data centers with renewable energy. However, at nearly 3.4 MB, the average web page is almost 400 percent larger than it was just seven years ago.

With billions of pages online, we have created a web full of slow, bloated, inaccessible experiences that frustrate users and contribute significantly to annual global carbon emissions.” and also he added ““It’s up to us to help our clients make more responsible choices.

By getting users to the content they need quickly, providing efficient, inclusive experiences once they arrive, and hosting our digital products and services with renewable energy whenever possible, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact of our work while creating more people-friendly solutions in the process.

Sustainable design principles can and should make a huge difference, not only at the micro-interaction level but at the global level as well.””

You can leverage web design San Francisco by hiring an expert company adept at animations. This is how you would be able to create meaningful interactions with your visitors and add value to your website in the true sense. 

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