A Billion People Use Messenger Now~ FB Brings Balloon Emoji to Celebrate Milestone

Yesterday Mark announced that the messenger app now used by a billion people across the world every month. Crossing that numerical value is milestone for any application. Facebook previously issued notifications to every Facebook application users to download messenger to see their conversations and this way they separated the messenger and messenger apps. So, the user must have to download the messenger app to check the messages received on mobile platform. However, inside messenger there are many other additional options are integrated and that still growing these add-ons. Once you login to messenger, you can check options like DropBox, GIF keyboard, Giphy, BitEmoji, Draw something for Messenger, Quizchat, Spotify, Memes, Talking Tom, Doodle, PhotoGrid, MomentsCam, Effetify and many other apps ready to download for the messenger.

http://www.trendinginfo.net_Messenger cross a billion markscreenshot_2016-07-20-20-51-19_com.facebook.orca_.pngscreenshot_2016-07-21-07-02-15_com.facebook.orca_.png


On this milestone Facebook releases an animated version of Balloon emoji, Messenger ask to send the Balloon Emoji to share in conversations to celebrate the milestone. If you wanna try that share the emoji in your conversations, the balloons start flying which makes the conversation more awesome.

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