A Stadium Full Of Lights: Why Everyone Loves Coldplay Concerts


Thanks to Xylobands, the phrase “hands in the air” now means something quite extraordinary for those lucky enough to experience a Coldplay concert. Xylobands have been elevating Coldplay concerts into unique, immersive musical experiences since 2011.

Before Coldplay embarked on its highly anticipated Mylo Xyloto tour, Jason Regler, the inventor of Xylobands and a huge Coldplay fan, found himself in a chance encounter with Phil Harvey, Coldplay’s creative director. Jason shared how he watched Coldplay perform “Fix You” at the Glastonbury Festival in 2005 and how the poignant line “lights will guide you home” in the song inspired him to invent flashing wristbands that would be perfect for Coldplay concerts. Jason revealed to Phil that Xylobands were in fact designed with Coldplay live shows in mind. Phil was intrigued and promised to let the band know about the Xylobands.

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To Jason’s surprise, Coldplay was all in and agreed to give the Xyloband product a test run at Unstaged Madrid, a long awaited Coldplay concert that was to be streamed live on Youtube and at Times Square. The concert would be available to watch in 22 countries. The pressure was on. Xylobands were an innovation that had never before been used in any public setting, much less concerts of this international scope. Before the trial event, the Xyloband team individually programmed 16,000 timer-controlled wristbands. Each concertgoer was gifted a Xyloband upon entering the concert venue and asked to put on the wristband. The concertgoers were happy to put on what they thought was free concert swag. Once the Xyloband went into full effect with its colors and rhythmic pulses, the crowd went wild: roaring, waving, dizzy with joy. The Xylobands facilitated pure magic. Fans streaming the event live were mesmerized as well. Nearly 20 million viewers streamed the concert live and over 7 million viewers watched replays of the concert.

The incredible synergy of Coldplay’s music and Xylobands was undeniable. Within three months of its concert debut, the trial wristband had evolved into a radio-controlled single LED wristband offered in six colors. Coldplay ordered 2.4 million Xylobands to provide to concertgoers attending the Mylo Xyloto tour. The Xylobands and Coldplay collaboration continues now with the current sold out Head Full of Dreams tour.

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Everyone loves going to a Coldplay concerts because each is a joyful shared human experience. No matter how Coldplay’s style evolves over time, there remains something so pure at the core of Coldplay’s music. The songs can be transformative, healing even. When you go to a Coldplay concert, you are not sitting back and passively observing. You are joining in on the music, the frenzy, the emotion. You are connecting with the members of the band, with the other fans, with everyone present. It is no coincidence that Coldplay is one of the most popular bands on the planet. Coldplay’s earnest, beautifully crafted songs transcend boundaries. And Xylobands, now integrated into the Coldplay concert experience, allows the audience to become a color-changing, pulsing part of the Coldplay music in a way that elevates the concert experience.

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