Looking for Admissions in Top B.Tech Colleges?

admissions in top b.tech colleges

With the rage of this internet laid generation, finding answers to your questions is just a fingertip away. You can get all the information you need, to sort your answer out, but again with so many different information just spattered on the internet, it becomes really difficult to know how legitimate the information might be.

Admissions in Top B.Tech Colleges

Here are some pro tips you should know if you are looking for admissions in the top b.tech colleges in Gurgaon, Kolkata, Mumbai or any city in India.

Class 12 results

A lot of people have this misconception that for admissions in top b.tech colleges the 12th board results don’t matter. This information is only partially correct for those of you who receive exceptional results in your engineering entrance exams like JEE MAINS, UPSEE, COMED-K, WBJEE or OJEE etc. For the rest, your result will carry a great weightage during your admissions and the kind of fees you might have to bear. The Colleges now look for the overall performance of the students and not just the entrance exam score. So, do put your focus on your board.

Entrance Exams

These are one important thing you cannot afford to miss out on if you are seeking for admissions in the top b.tech colleges. Even the not so recognized engineering colleges look for entrance exam marks, which could be a regional or state-based exam like OJEE or COMED-K of which JEE-Mains is the nationally recognized board. The IIT’s cater to students who have cleared JEE- Mains and also clear the JEE-Advanced. For the rest of the colleges, a good rank in JEE-Main can get you admitted to the colleges.

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Getting admissions in an Engineering college might not be as easy as it seems. After hustling through the tiring examination, here comes the counseling period. If you get the right score and get into the college you always wanted to, Congratulations. If not, don’t worry, you’ll find your college and this is how. Just go through the cut off list of the B.Tech colleges you think are best for you and see if your rank falls in that. If not, sort colleges on the basis of the ranks you’ve scored and possibly visit them all. I ensure you, you’ll definitely get what you’re looking for.

What you should look for in an engineering college

While you are looking for admissions in an engineering college you should first see what environment you’d fit in best. Other important things you should look into is it’s approvals, recognition and accreditations. Some bodies which provide them is AICTE, UGC, NBA, NAAC and MHRD. An AICTE approved college would any day have more prospectus. Another than this you should see the placement rate and inquire about the faculty and the campus. This is the minimum research you should do on the college you want to take admissions in.

admissions in top b.tech colleges

Courses you would want to take Admissions in:

Gone are those time when all you knew about engineering were cars. The time has brought to us so many fields under this one branch that falling into the hands of we, I call it the technical dilemma is just another story. But just to keep you informed here are some other B.Tech courses other than Computer Science, Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, and Civil, you should know about.

First is Biotechnology, which is again not so rare these days, yet there are a lot of people unaware of this advancing field. Apart from this, courses like Food and Technology, Aviation, Textile, Aerospace, Chemical, Metallurgy, Petroleum, Aeronautical, Sound Engineering, Biomedical, Environmental etc are also available. A lot of Top btech colleges in Gurgaon facilitate these courses. There is a high demand in the food and technology sector and in no time, there are going to get the same popularity as the mainstream engineering courses do.

Coachings for Entrance Exam

This is one major part of an engineer’s life. Almost 58% of the students who opt for engineering go through this phase in the later stage of their school. While most of the students take this for granted, this is where we need to keep our head straight and focus on the learning. It is a tiring process, I know, but the result is fruitful if you can just hold on to it. This is a time where you really need to show your dedication because this time that passes won’t come back. I’m not depriving you of your fun and teenage, but if there is anything, you’ll have to balance it.

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