Afraid of Losing Important SMS, Call Sync to Gmail on Android

Chit Chatting with friends, talking to them on the phone always memorable moments for us. Many people afraid of losing the precious SMS received  from their love, family  and send SMS. The list of SMS, CallLog is always limited due to the permission in the device, so we always end up deleting or losing the data.

The data in the sms or call log become an important evidence in some situations. we may have save our passwords, banking details, numbers and many others in SMS format or some time we receive different application numbers, bill ID, application ID, exam ticket information, admission details and any important stuff in SMS’s.

What if we lost all these important information from our phone, it very difficult to imagine right. Here is a solution for such kind of issue, all you need install an app and link that to your personal gmail account. Call logs and SMS will syncs into the Gmail account.

here are the steps for how to do it.

  • Go to play store search for app called ” back up message & call to email” check here
  • download and install the app
  • open the app and click on go
  • enter your Gmail account details, get authentication done.
  • set the sync settings , done.

You are done with settings now choose which connection want to use for the sync wifi or network data. After it sync’d your data, check them in your Gmail. The sync’d SMS & call details will be store under call, message label on the left side of your Gmail inbox. Now enjoy the SMSing, calling without fear of losing them.


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