Android gets Googles Motion Still’s

Android gets Googles Motion Still's -cover

A year ago google launched Motion Still for iOS which is aimed to be turning live photos into shareable gif, now its available for android users but its not same as on iOS.

The Motion Still on iOS turns iPhones live photos into a gif format which appears as small loop of motioned pictures. It was awesome application for iOS users because they can create their gif and share them on social media in instant clicks.

But whereas Android we dont have Live Photos application, so google has to go back to basics and revamp everything to make motion still available for android. today, we have got into our hands. 

The app can offers two different types of capturing methods.

Android gets Googles Motion Still's

Motion Still and Fast Forward

The primary, which Google calls a “Motion Still,” is only a three second video recording loop. It’s sort of confounding, on the grounds that it appears as though this is intended to be a contrasting option to Live Photos — it even records a similar length of film. Be that as it may, there’s not really a photograph included. Which is unusual, on the grounds that the element is called “Motion Still,” yet there is just movement, no still.

The second feature is “Fast Forward”, it record normal video and makes it as time lapse one. it sounds similar to Instagram’s hyperlapse videoapp, it may google alternative to that app. Using this “Fast Forward”  feature you record entire one hour your tour video make it into a 2 or 3 minutes time lapse video which shows an entire 1 hour video by fast forwarding the clips.

While recording in “fast forward”, the app stabilizes the video recording and you can have flexibility of speeding of the time lapse from four times to eight times speed. Unlike Instagram hyper-lapse you can choose or change the speed of video even after shot it and saved but you cant on Instagram app.

Check the samples below, alternate to iOS live photos googles motion still

googles motion still for android

Fast forward turned 1 minute video into 6 seconds hyper lapse video

What you think of app and two features in the app, leave a comment below.

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