AnyTouch Blue ~ A Smart Device Could Eliminates KeyBoard & Mouse


Have you ever got a thought of operating your desktop from a certain distance to reduce the pain in your eyes comes from staring at system for long time? ya you can say we can use wirelessly connected bluetooth based key board and mouse but there is a catch. You need to replace the batteries inside the keyboard and mouse to use them seamlessly.

We are in generation where everything operated from our finger tips, using the smart phones in our hands. Using this same very basic idea there is a USB dongle device which eliminates the use of keyboard and mouse physically, using this simple USB dongle manufactured by 3iware you can control your desktop sitting at certain distance.

Today i am going to review smart USB dongle called AnyTouch Blue

Design & Build Quality

The device design so simple and plain, it looks similar any other pen drives, storage devices or USB dongles. It looks pretty simple but strong in hands. It is made out of plastic body, the material used feels solid and gives impression it can last longer time.



Software and Performance

No need of any special software or drives to connect it to pc. Straight out from box its ready for use. I found this very useful, when i tested few other products such as these earlier i had to install drivers to connect the dongle to PC first. Trust me that process was little headache but AnyTouch blue makes the life easier it connect faster just like pen drives and makes it self to connect with your smart phone.

Connects pretty fast

Simple UI in app makes it easier to use

A normal PC user can also understands the simple UI

Tracking & Clicks were reflected just like normal physical mouse

Mouse tracking is precise and almost accurate

Many short keys presented on UI to make operations faster and they are working fine

Works on PC/ Mac/android based set-up box systems andĀ Also compatible with PS3 and other types of consoles that support HID mouse and keyboard.

Virtual keyboard presented on App UI, its fast and quick

Dedicated short cut keys provided to perform window operations such as searching, zooming, minimizing window, closing window etc. Set of special functional shortcuts for presentations.


You can create custom shortcut keys

Tested on Windows 10 and its entire connectivity of dongle and apps were so smooth

it supports all the android devices with bluetooth connectivity and having android 4.3+ versions

tried to control from 15+ feet range and the result almost same, i hope it works up to bluetooth range supported by the android device


Cons: I found only one negative thing is they haven’t provided any cap for the safety of the device and it wont big problem if we handle it safely.

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