Apps to Monitor Data/Internet

Every mobile user worries while using data in their mobiles because of limitation. All mobile plans are in the hands of the network providers, when accidentally user cross the plan limits ends up in paying more amount or they will get blocked from using the services. Every mobile holder wants watch videos, spends time on their favorite websites, download files, share the pictures with their friends but all these needs unlimited or few GB’s of data.

Here are the list of apps that helps you to keep track of all your data spending’s, these apps will help you be aware of the data balance available in your account. So, you can limit the usage of the data or stop using data services until you get the next data balance.

3G Watchdog 

The 3G Watchdog tracks all your Mobile Internet (4G/3G/Edge/GPRS) information utilization and conveys to the table a point by point report about your use. The application conveniently isolates your aggregate arrangement utilization into a week, month and the present day’s use. It shows the total use on the home screen. In case that you would prefer not to cross a particular limit set breaking point of data every month, then basically set up quantity counters. At that point, there is the homescreen gadget and a chart demonstrating the entire use.

Rated 4.5

My Data Manager

It takes finish control of your portable information and utilization, helping you stay away from robust telephone charge or wasteful utilization of the information arrange. It consequently screens the measure of information that an application is utilizing furthermore sets use cautions, which will keep away from overage charges. Basic and straightforward perceptions track chronicled application time and application use.

Rated 4.5

Network Monitor Mini

It is basic and clear with no favor highlights. It conveys to you a slick and basic interface that flashes the Internet information eaten by every application. It demonstrates the aggregate activity from GPRS, 3G, and Wi-Fi and puts to the fore the applications that are expending most or all the versatile Internet information. Close by observing system utilization per application, it additionally recognizes foundation movement eaters.

Rated 4.5

Data Monitor

Data Monitor indicates mobile users application data usage speed, Wi-Fi utilization, mobile data use, and offers a gadget so clients don’t need to open the application. In addition, it has a lot of charts to help clients comprehend how they’re utilizing their information. It’s free and accessible for Android.

Rated 4.5

Onavo Count

An application is utilized to track portable information use. Graphical UI is amazing however it needs usefulness. As it were application does just important work. On the highest point of the principle screen we can see bar, which portrays measure of internet data balance is utilized. Like in each application you can indicate the time period. Naturally it is set to day by day. Likewise you can go to “Application watch” tab to watch current information expending applications. Another alternative is get a Data arrange Advice or see the Usage profile.

Rated 4

For those who doesn’t wants to use apps but still likes to track their data usage, please enable feature the “mobile data limit” or “data usage notifications” or “set data plan” given in settings of android mobiles.

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