Best Tips For Cracking MBA Entrance Exams

Best Tips For Cracking MBA Entrance Exams

Introduction to MBA Entrance Exams

MBA is short for the postgraduate level course Masters in Business Administration. The precedent to this is BBA i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration, but it’s not restricted to any stream or course. It can be pursued by students from different programmes. It is a job oriented course hence quite sought after by ambitious youngsters in India. Follow this article which will be guided for Best Tips For Cracking MBA Entrance Exams.

An MBA course is a management course wherein students learn to manage a professional environment theoretically and professionally. Students will study subjects like Organisational Behaviour, Legal Aspects of Business, Business Communication, Cost Management and Accounting etc.

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MBA students have a number of specialisations available to choose from like Marketing, Finance, Human Resource etc. which provide them with a path to success as a Corporate Controller, Marketing Manager, Operations Manager etc.

To get into an MBA degree programme, students need the following as an eligibility criterion-

  • Completion of schooling with 10+2 level.
  • 50%-55% marks in graduation in any stream from an authorized university. 45%-50% for reserved categories.
  • Clearance of MBA Entrance Exam with a relevant score (CAT/MAT/XAT/GMAT/Open MAT etc.).
  • Personal Interview (not applicable to all management institutions).
  • Group Discussion (not applicable to all management institutions).

This article will focus on a few general tips to help students crack an MBA Entrance Exam.

Know about the Entrance Exam

The general syllabus for MBA Entrance Exams consist of the following topics-

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Verbal Ability
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Data Interpretation
  • Logical Reasoning
  • General Knowledge
  • Essay Writing

What needs to be kept in mind is the difference between a national level MBA entrance exam like CAT, MAT, GMAT etc. whose scores are accepted by all of the management institutes; and that of the state level MBA Entrance Exam for example, if a student wishes to pursue Distance MBA in Hyderabad or regular MBA in Hyderabad exclusively, he or she may choose to take the Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test (TSI CET) designed for MBA/MCA courses in Hyderabad in place of CAT/MAT etc. Notice which one will be beneficial or which one has negative markings or is there any difference in the syllabi.

Coaching or No Coaching?

A number of pre-MBA coaching institutes are running with the really good approach to target the required questions in the entrance exam. But then others in small towns or rural areas or even in suburban areas provide insufficient study material or low-quality classes. Steer clear of these and take a counselling to know which type of entrance coaching is needed.

For instance, which type of MBA one wishes to pursue: regular, distance, online, or the one with no specialisations or specialisations, or a national level MBA Entrance Exam or a state level one. Choose a coaching which focuses on entrance questions targeting these and updates its syllabus accordingly with the onset of new patterns. For those who wish to prepare on their own can find good resource websites or Facebook groups, which are many, which offer plenty of free previous years papers and study material.

Time Table for Discipline

By talking about a timetable or study plan it’s not suggested to forget yourself in preparing for an entrance exam, but to be disciplined. It’s a difficult task if one is impatient and procrastinates a lot. It’s essential though. Self-study is important with or without a coaching. Here are some of its perks-

  • A study plan will eliminate the burden and cumulative stress during the week just before the exam.
  • It’ll help one feel more confident and hopeful as one completes his/her task of the day.
  • It’ll enhance the mind, save more time for both work and play.
  • The speed of solving questions will increase, as practice makes perfect.

Join MBA entrance exam groups on social media websites and consult those who’ve already cracked it, as to how to make the proper study plan, how many hours to study and the right pattern of study.

Take Online Mock Tests

Besides the coaching and entrance exam books, one of the most helpful ways to fix a seat, say for example for a course in MBA in Hospital Management, students must solve mock series test papers available online, most of them are available for free. Solve at least one paper every day or each alternate day to and time oneself parallel to the test time, when doing so, it’ll enhance the speed considerably and provide a good grasp of the pattern of the exam.

Exercise Physically, Rest Mentally

A bogged down, the overloaded brain will not perform as well as a calm and focussed one. It’s imperative to rest well, it’s not easy to not take stress while preparing for a competitive exam, but it can be pacified to a great extent through these practices-

  • Decide break time, it could be 20-10 minutes for every two hours of studying. Follow it religiously.
  • Meditate to renovate the brain cells. Mental health is not a much-mooted topic in India, but it’s as essential as the physical exercise.
  • Take a walk for a few minutes in a park or someplace full of greens.
  • Watch a funny programme or listen to soothing Binaural beats to release stress instantly.
  • Go out with family and friends to get a positive boost or listen to TED talks of YouTube to be motivated.


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