Best Tools for Competitor Analysis 2018

Best Tools for Competitor Analysis 2018

Best Tools for Competitor Analysis 2018

In business warfare, what greater weapon is there than to use your own enemies’ strengths against them? To use their own knowledge to your advantage? The ability to reverse engineer someone else’s success and extract insights from it, or even learning what led to disaster and avoiding is, to put it bluntly, invaluable in an industry as fast-paced and competitive as SEO.There are a plethora of tools you might employ and it is extremely easy to get lost in the confusion. Luckily for you, we’ve done your research for you and came up with some of the best tools for competitor analysis in 2018.

By utilizing them, you’ll be able to find out what they do well, discover their strategic advantages and links to great opportunities among others. Not only will it turn you into a winner, but you will win more often and bigger. As important – if not vital – as all that sounds, most people have no idea how to go about it. 


SimilarWeb is a competitive intelligence tool able to provide traffic and marketing insights for any website, giving the user a quick overview of a site’s reach, ranking and user engagement. It offers a considerable amount of data split into a great variety of metrics such as geography, referring sites, audience, similar sites and mobile apps. There is both a free and a PRO version, which can compare up to two and five sites respectively.

Utilizing this tool you can quickly get numbers on highly relevant things such as monthly visits, time spent on page, page views, which location the traffic is coming from, a list of the top inbound and outbound referral sites, organic vs paid traffic and top keywords. Moreover, you can get information on the site’s audience, such as other sites they visited online to learn more about their interests and capitalize on them.

Best Tools for Competitor Analysis 2018 - similar web

Naturally, there’s the option to export all this data and convert it to other formats – the tool’s flexibility on this largely depends on what package you’re getting, basic, pro, advanced and ultimate. For example, pro users have the additional option to download all graphs and charts in image form.

Ideal for site owners looking to get a head start against their competition, SimilarWeb promises to give a great informational advantage, enabling them to navigate their niche’s business landscape successfully. Highly recommended for full-time online marketers. Similar web is great tool to be listed in best tools for competitor analysis 2018.

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This tool lets you do much more than just skim the surface of your audience. It is a deep, highly developed analytics product that provides you profound insights on who they are, what drives them and what content they care about. It collects data from millions of web destinations and mobile apps controlled by quantified publishers – all collected data remains anonymous and contains zero personally identifiable information.

Best Tools for Competitor Analysis 2018 - QuantCast

 All data in Quantcast can stay hidden from public view, with the Website owner having full control over its accessibility. Currently, thousands of brands rely on Quantcast – not a big surprise, considering how useful its provided information is on better targeting your audience.

 You’re getting detailed reports on things like demographics, lifestyle and interest affinities, website, audience insights, and conversion level, which, if all put together, grant you a crystal clear understanding of your audience and enable you to improve your marketing plans and campaigns effectively. Coupled with the ability to compare your own data against that of your competition settles it: This is a must-have.

Knowlium: Reveal

Reveal is a competitive intelligence software developed by Knowlium that claims to “accelerate your digital strategy with real-time competitive insight”. To fully understand and appreciate its complexity and sophistication, you have to take a look of it yourself. Whether you’re interested in understanding your market position relative to that of your competitors or you want to stay up to date with their moves and get a better grasp of their reach, this tool was made for you. Reveal goes above and beyond what is humanly possible: For example, if you are determined not to miss any activity or important signals, it can keep the stream of intelligence going on autopilot, allowing you to leverage any opportunity and address any threat rapidly.

Best Tools for Competitor Analysis 2018 - Knowlium:Reveal

Just to give you a hint, Reveal covers brand monitoring, content marketing, SEO analysis, benchmarking, social media analysis, influencer analysis among others. It is plain to see that it delivers a thorough view of how you currently stack up against your various competitors. Knowlium currently offers a 30-day trial for you to try out Reveal, a thing we suggest you benefit from. Chances are, you are going to stick with it.

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SEMrush is a top SEO tool that offers a very deep competitor analysis and provides additional useful tools in other areas of SEO, enabling you to acquire a wealth of information for both your own business as well as that of your competition’s. Among its many features are the abilities to check the ranks of your keywords, your competitor’s rank, getting a complete SEO audit of your site and performing the back-link analysis. this is the most famous tool for best tools for competitor analysis 2018 and already used by many bloggers and SEO analysts. 

Best Tools for Competitor Analysis 2018 - SEMRush

Being a favorite of website owners, SEMrush is currently widely used, having a large collection of data that numbers more than 120 million keywords and 128 million domain information on organic search positions and search volumes, all powered by its thirty databases. It is an excellent choice whether you’re looking to increase your search ranking or improve your earnings by promotional products and will aid you greatly in beating your competitor.

SEMRush Credibility

To give you a hint of its credibility, the product is endorsed by eBay,, Disney,, Hp and BNP PARIBAS. There are three different plans for you to pick from, pro, guru, and business, along with the option of paying on an annual basis for a large cost reduction. Naturally, the costlier the program you end up sticking with, the more options are opened for you. For example, if you were to pick the pro program, you’d be limited to three thousand reports a day. By paying for the business program, that number climbs up all the way to ten thousand.


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