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Recently we have seen a picture of Mark Zukerburg gone viral in social media. In early the image was simple, mark holds a card which indicates the number of users are increased rapidly in Instagram. It looked so normal as mark enjoying his time at his office but the internet geeks found a great detail in the image posted by mark. In that image his laptop camera was covered with a tape and another area probably a microphone area covered too. After some users posted the details and started questioning , everyone become good listeners of that topic. So, why the Facebook CEO covered his laptop cam and mic with a tape? what we have learn from that?

http://www.trendinginfo.net_mark zuckerburg covered lapihttp://www.trendinginfo.net_mark zuckerburg covered lapi2

The reason why he covered them is for good reason, the hackers can gain access to your webcam and microphone at anytime using the remote tools. This way of attacking the devices is called “ratting”, the rattling methods used by the hackers and online criminals to listen and view the from victims laptop resources. It gives them great chance to steal your personal life and listen your private conversations. Using the webcams they can spy on you anytime, your privacy and personal life is viewed by random attackers. There billions of people are being attacked by this kind of spying and unaware of it. So, to avoid such problem it is a general good metric to cover device camera with tape. It is followed by many technical experts and normal people as a prevention from attacks.

If a CEO of the worlds gre giant organization covered his laptop with tape for preventing the spying on him, isnt it a great clue and good precautionary measurement for us to follow.

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