Chinic Bluetooth Waterproof Earphones 4.1 ~ Review


The time of the traditional Bluetooth headset is going to a delicate close. In the event that you take a gander at Amazon or some other significant retailer, you see that the single-ear headsets of 10 years back have to a great extent developed into stereo Bluetooth earphones, all of which incorporate mouthpieces for you to make calls with.

Picking the privilege Bluetooth headset may appear to be straightforward, yet it really accompanies a test that is one of a kind to all earphones, and, well, anything that should be put in your ear: It’s extreme to give items a shot before plunking down the money for them. In any case, a noteworthy part of a headset’s prosperity relies on upon how it fits and feels—and that differs generally from individual to individual, or even from ear to ear. Other imperative variables incorporate sound quality, plan, style, battery life, and additional elements.

Today we are reviewing one of the Chinic Bluetooth Waterproof Earphones 4.1 with features like Magnetic Earpiece Stereo Music Wireless Sport with Built-in Mic In-Ear Noise Cancelling.


We got Chinic Bluetooth headset recently from a good friend and initial impression are good. They stand what they promised simple design, perfect grip and good sound quality. Lets dig into details….

The Chinic Headset comes in simple style,

  • Its weight feel lighter when compared other regular bluetooth headsets.
  • Ear buds are smaller compared to other headset and feels grippy in ears
  • They fits into ears perfectly and holds there for long time
  • We tested while walking , running and doing several tasks by keeping headset on our ears, results are good, they hold onto ears with strong friction and they havent drop downed
  • There is no worry of falling from ears, so you can set your hands free
  • When you are done with listening you can simply remove them from ears and attach two buds, the magnetic inbuilt mechanism allows both attached and looks like a jewelry on neck
  • After one hour continues usage on high volume levels there was little itchy feeling
  • Soft ear buds lets use it in lower volumes for continuously for longer tine without any issue
  • Four persons from our review team tried the headset and it fitted well into all size ears
  • Length of headset wire is ok but lesser than other regular bluetooth headset but personally i feel the length is perfect, we need dont need that extra wire which hangs from our neck and comes in our way in every task
  • Buckle option given for those who wants make the length to fit their neck
  • Material used for the headset is good one and gives strong material impression
  • Ear buds, wire and entire headset made out of good
  • They Comes with water proof and sweat proof, yep they doing great in under severe sweating conditions while jogging and workouts
  • Pairing with smartphones, iPhones and tabs is pretty quick
  • Surprisingly, it came with voice assistant support which tell us when connected, disconned
  • Noise cancellation works great, you can communicate even in heavy traffics and outside noise doenst make to ear drums as the earbuds perfectly fit into ears
  • HD voice and Auto Connect options makes it excellent
  • Comes with Bluetooth 4.1
  • It Connected with almost 10+ devices on our try and boast compatible with iPhones too
  • It charges quickly and oh god! the battery life is good
  • Coming to Sound Quality is so damn good in this headset
  • Great bass, surrounding and treble balance
  • We tested seval audio files and out come was pretty good and we havent that from these budget friendly headset
  • Volume levels are pretty enough and for some it feels high, its good
  • Overall the Chinic Bluetooth Headset is worth of the money!!! best in range

You can buy this super budget friendly quality headset from here :

Note : The review is personal opinion of the author who used the product and giving the feed back. It may differ from your opinions, we received this product as sample unit to review it and its honest opinion of the author.

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