Color Comments, Hidden Unicorn Button , Welcome Messages For New Group Members and What Else Facebook Bringing

Color Comments, Hidden Unicorn Button , Welcome Messages and What Else Facebook Bringing

In recent times Facebook developers trying to impress its users both on the desktop and mobile platforms, slowly facebook taking on their competitive or most famous features of other apps by making them available on their own platform. Last few months we have seen many changes bought into the Facebook platform like stories which expires in 24hours, direct messages, statuses and other features. 

Surprisingly, we are getting new features on facebook which gives users more awesome experience such colored comments. it’s offering their users a unique way to comment on posts, images, and videos. TNW reportedly revealed this as it’s only rolled out for few members, sooner or little time it may be rolled out to all users around the globe.

However, we can surely say it will make up to all users or actual users Facebook, along with this feature Facebook has a hidden unicorn button appeared rarely few people and it is reported on TNW.

A few days back Facebook rolled text formatting features on WhatsApp which has awesome positive feedback. Developers may be planning to make that feature to be part of the most popular social platform on the earth “Facebook”. In another report, beta testers found that Facebook testing formatting comments, if it’s made all the way through to the end users, people can comment in bold, italic and other formats on Facebook.


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