The Right Diet Can Go a Long Way in Helping You Deal With PCOS

The Right Diet Can Go a Long Way in Helping You Deal With PCOS

PCOS is a hormonal disorder that has become a common issue nowadays. Women who reach their reproductive age can get affected with this syndrome. The fact that obese women are more likely to suffer from PCOS as compared to others, it is high time you become conscious about your weight. This articles helps you to Deal With PCOS,

Women, all over the world are experiencing PCOS symptoms such as irregular periods, extremely oily skin, obesity, thinning hair and more. It is extremely important that you are aware of all such symptoms and visit the doctor in case of any doubt. To help you with this problem, you can buy Ayurvedic capsules for weight loss on

We are here to help you plan your transformation process before the PCOS risk increases. We are going to tell you how to start with controlling yourself and what not to eat.

Foods to Avoid

Check out the list below and take some idea of what you must avoid for staying fit and healthy with a PCOS.

1. No Sugars

Now, this can be a challenge for a lot of women as sugar can be addictive. We have got to know of several cases of women who have extreme sugar cravings frequently. You must control yourself and try to stay away from sugar and artificially sweetened food items.

Sugar is the most difficult part of the whole transformation process when you want to shift to a healthier life. We must combat our cravings during this phase. Simply, remind yourself about all the disadvantages and bad effects that sugar can have on your body. The negative impacts will motivate you to stay away from sweets and anything sugary.

As per scientific evidence, sugars increase fat in your body and restricts the development of eggs in a woman’s body. Sugars also increase body and facial hair, anxiety, acne, depression and other problems. On the other hand, controlling sugar will not only make you lose weight but also affect the reproductive process in a positive way. Avoiding sugars means you can become a more beautiful and happier person.

Fructose is extremely harmful to the body and most of the people fail to understand how to substitute fructose with a healthy alternative. If you think that maple syrup, nectar, molasses, and coconut sugars are healthy ingredients, you are wrong. All these ingredients contain about 50%-80% fructose in them the best alternative for fructose is simple fresh fruits.

2. No Carbohydrates

Next in line with sugars, we are talking about refined carbohydrates now. Foods rich in these carbohydrates trigger the symptoms of PCOS because they form another major section of glucose in our daily diet. Sadly, these days the life of a youngster is all made of pasta, bagels, pastries, and similar foods. However, it needs to stop now.

Carbohydrates mean chains of glucose stuck together forming an array of larger molecules. All carbohydrates have an extremely high glycemic index, which means they dissolve inside the body fast. It increases the glucose levels in our blood and causes health issues.

3. No Gluten

One of the most difficult transitions is shifting to gluten-free food completely. It is because almost whatever we eat every day contains gluten elements. For example- baked foods, pasta, any kind of sauce, cereals, beer and so much more all are full of gluten.

Now our gut works like a strainer when we are eating. It is kind of a mesh that strains food items and decides which one will stay and what will go down for disposal. However, when we eat glutenous food, we are interfering with this function. A hormone, zonulin is released and it closes the small holes of the strainer. This means that the gut is no more able to perform the function and finally gluten is absorbed in the body. Moreover, gluten-free foods are great for weight loss and as a result good to eat if you are suffering from PCOS.

4. No Dairy

Just like we said that gluten is harmful if you are overweight and suffering from PCOS, the same is the case with dairy. Again, a little difficult to avoid dairy products because they are a vital part of our daily diet. However, not consuming dairy means you are a step closer to anti-inflammatory symptoms in the body.

Now, you must know that the problem of maximum women regarding dairy products is the contents of lactose, casein, and whey in almost all of them. However, ghee and butter are safe for most people as these two products do not contain lactose, casein or whey.

5. Other foods

While dairy and gluten are the most common ingredients to avoid for women with PCOS, the list goes long when we put in all the other foods to avoid. However, the list may vary from person to person. Check out some of the common ones as per poll-

  • Eggs
  • Tree nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Shell fishes
  • Soy products

Final thoughts

PCOS is now a common problem in women and you must not ignore it from the initial stages. For a happy and healthy life ahead, make some sacrifices until you are alright.

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