Editing Yourself Vs. Using Software

Any professor or thesis supervisor will tell you that it is essential that you edit your own work. Even when you are sure that you’ve done things the right way, any proofreading will return a few glaring errors. Many people will choose to pay a professional editor to review their work, but many also opt to self edit. However, there is also a third option, essay editing software. There are many websites that offer essay editing software. You simply upload the work or copy paste the content into the text box through their website and the software will automatically review your work and point out errors.

Many university libraries or writing centres could also pay for students to aces such software. However, while simply loading a document into software to receive instant editing feedback may sound amazing; the results do not always reflect what you were searching for. Here, will compare the benefits of utilizing editing software and self editing them on your computer.

Why it is Better to Use Editing Software

1. Reliable grammar checks

Most editing software will easily detect minor grammar errors you would have missed when editing yourself. This includes misused, misspelled words or minor punctuation errors you would otherwise have missed.

2. Automatic plagiarism detection

Essay editing software makes it easy for you to ensure that you’ve indeed, cited all your sources properly. When you edit by hand, you have to pay for a plagiarism checker which may cost just the same as the essay editor.

3. They improve your writing

Most editing software programs have a feature that helps improve your writing style. They suggest more appropriate sentence structure and word choices and will alert you when opportunities to improve your writing come up. You will enjoy no such benefits when self editing your work.

4. They save time

It takes a very, very long time to self edit large documents but editing software makes this a breeze and frees up time you could use on other endeavors.

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Why it is Better to Self Edit

1. The program may give bad advice

Editing software cannot read and understand all the intended meanings behinds the words you choose. Due to this, some of the suggestions the software will make may be incorrect and out of context. If you were to go with all the suggestions made by the editing software, the paper will end up sounding dumb because it may not make sense in the intended context.

2. You will be more familiar with your work

Since most theses and college paper are ultimately aimed at increasing your understanding of stated topics, it may be more useful to review your work on your own and really get the finer details as you edit. This may be useful if you have to defend your work afterwards.

3. It will hone your skills

It is important to give your essays a once or twice-over. This is possible when you use an essay editors help or self edit and it helps you hone your ideas as you progress. You may be able to find arguments that you have repeated, references you missed and identify instances where you used inconsistent essay format or failed to adhere to the style guide.

4. It is free

A key consideration to self editing is that you won’t have to pay huge sums of cash for something you can do for yourself at no cost.


While you can use editing software wisely and save lots of time, you need to remember that it is just a program and it may not give the right feedback or all the feedback you may need to improve your documents. It is better to use software to edit the first draft, the self edit it fill in any gaps it may have left in the content.

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