Educational ePublishing ~ Transition from Soft Paper to Hard Screen

Educational ePublishing ~ Transition from Soft Paper to Hard Screen

Electronic publishing in an educational world also has known as educational ePublishing or Digital Publishing, we all know is a jargon used for the digital format of books, magazines, journals, etc. The world of books had gone into a paradigm shift and the credit goes to the exposure of the e-books and e-news in the consumer marketplace. The main reason for booming of the digital medium amongst the upcoming generation is ease of access and readily available at any place, at any time.

Educational ePublishing

There are many forms of digital delivery of learning resources. We can call all of them ‘digital learning’ but which of these form will really bring value to e-Publishing education? Which are best to select now and which will become must-have in the future? There are some important decisions to make when moving content to digital.

As many customers are going digital, the book retailers are transforming which has imposed a lot of pressure on the traditional retailers and chain stores to create profit and revenue and to survive in the market where cost-cutting is the major issue to survive and it is creating the bloodbath amongst the players in the market. The latest survey was done by the students of Top Engineering Colleges in Patna, in 2018, the number of internet users are 4.021 Billion which is 7% more than 2017. With the increasing consumers on the online platform about 8-10% every year,r it is difficult for the old-fashioned sellers to sustain growth in the market.

Educational e-Publishing is one of the major parts in the online increase of the digital users. Increasing technology in the education sector is fuelling the digital market and users. Being everything on the digital platform, learning made easy and available at any time. From learning to exams and evaluation is done online. Various exams have shifted themselves from the paper-based test to online exam i.e. computer-based test. Exams like Common Admission Test (CAT), Xavier’s Aptitude Test (XAT), Management Aptitude Test (MAT), and the list continues.

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The online educational portal which serves as a learning platform for any field and any sector is enhancing the different learning of an individual. Online popular websites like Coursera, Udemy, EDX, EDUCBA, etc. provides online learning and certification improving the quality of learning and making it easier for the individuals to access it anywhere and everywhere. Talking about applications available on App Store and Play Store, there are tonnes of applications which helps students learn various subjects and applications are focused on the particular exam.

Educational ePublishing ~ Transition from Soft Paper to Hard Screen - market reach

The learning is not just through exams or applications or software, the education also includes the day to day knowledge about surroundings and current affairs and the digital sector has made progress in this section too. The availability of applications regarding Newspaper has made it possible for every individual to get the latest update at the tip of the thumb rather than waiting for the next day to get to know the news. Applications like Inshorts, TOI (Times of India), News-hunt, etc. help consumers to be updated with the latest news of around the globe. Other applications like Curiosity, TED, Brilliant, etc. is developing the knowledge of the consumers in non-academic sector. The future has lot of potential for the educational ePublishing.

Few of the common advantages of being digital rather than conventional is published by the students of Top B.Tech Colleges in Patna in an online article.

  1. Sharing of Ideas: The digital platform has increased the versatility of sharing of ideas which has increased the knowledge base of all the subject areas from all round the globe.
  2. On the Go: The digital learning can be done on any platform like mobile or computer or tablet enhancing learning at any time and making it available for the users to access anywhere. Portability have been increased.
  3. Respond Quickly: The users can respond to the information quickly and they don’t have to wait for long to know the exact cause. Like consumers can know of the heavy rain or any natural calamity despite of the location they are at.
  4. Paper Saving: We preserve natural environment by being digital and saving paper. Due to digitization and less use of paper, the cutting of trees has been reduced and maintaining the stability of the mother nature.
  5. Universal Common Data: Getting digital, the data and information shared is universal and common to all.

The future is in digital and the integration of digital platform with the education sector the learning is getting better. It does not take a big intellectual leap to see how all of these activities benefit science and research. It is, however, tough to imagine how anyone with an internet connection could do this with the speed, efficiency and added value.

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