Facebook Laws For Idiots

A friend once said to me, “I have the right to post whatever I feel or think about a subject on Facebook.” Yes, you do. But wait a minute, has it occurred to you that your post could haunt you later on in the future? Well, for your information, Facebook is a neighborhood; you are broadcasting rather than shouting in an empty space. So you are not caught in the act, get familiar with my 5 Facebook laws for idiots.

Law # 1: Don’t go overboard with your sharing habit

So many people in the past—and at the moment–used Facebook to announce their next outing on a certain day. Believe it or not, that is a potential tip-off for burglars. Also, when you join the 4.7 million folks who liked a page about a health condition, you are potentially giving your insurer the opportunity to use such details against you. It may not be such a good idea to go public about your health conditions on Facebook, but if you think it’s absolutely necessary, share it and be careful about who sees it.

Law # 2: Make sure to use privacy control

A large number of people had never set this privacy tool. Some probably don’t know it exists, and they share almost all of their wall posts with a wider audience. With privacy control, you can place a restriction and only your friends can see your post. This is just a way to stay safe while posting certain content on social media.

Law #3: Don’t do the humblebrag

Even if you are not familiar with this term, I’m quite sure you know these posts:

  •  “Wow, I’m a bit undecided. Should I go on a resort vacation in the Bahamas or a cruise on the Mediterranean? Input welcome!”
  •  “OMG my inbox is full of questions, I don’t think I’ll get through it. So busy all day!”

It’s time to put a stop to it. If you’ve got good news, share it! Don’t use it as an opportunity for your friends and family to tell you how wonderful you are.

Law #4: Desist from Vaguebooking

If you are unschooled in this, vague booking is a post alluding to something bad or enjoyable without giving out necessary details. Examples are listed below.

  •  “Why would my friend treat me this way? I have learnt my lessons.”
  •  “This is my watershed moment. My life will never be the same again.”
  •  “Today sucks. I don’t think there’s anything better.”

Come on! If you think it’s appropriate telling us, why don’t you spill it out? Updates like these only lead to your friends asking questions like “Why?” or “Are you ok?” If you are not going to share it, just say it rather than keep them in suspense.

Law # 5: Don’t be the medical mafia

I think it’s rather inappropriate to write posts about the dangers of certain medical treatments, with links to articles about some miracle effects of vegetable smoothies in treating anything you can mention from terminal cancer to mental illness. You are not a medical doctor or a nurse, so you have no expertise as regards the subject matter. I not only consider it irresponsible as a layman to prescribe cures for ailments but also insulting to inform people who have used medications for the treatment of several illnesses that they are doing it in the wrong way. Don’t create unnecessary fear or panic.

Facebook is a SOCIAL platform, and that means it is interactive. You can evoke a response from your friends through your post. And if you think your post does not suit the intended purpose, just delete it!

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