Facebook Messenger Gets Data Saver Option ~ Know More

Facebook on one hand keep adding cutting edge features for whatsapp application on the other hands it making improvements on its core application Messenger.


The officials testing a data saver option on Messenger which can reduces the data usage with application as the name says it. Data saver option may also come in Android N as custom inbuilt option for the users. Basically, aim of this feature is to reduce the data amounts consumed by the application. Ultimately to helps the people who concern about their data balances and it comes handy when you have low data balance in your mobile.

Data saver is slowly rolling out the people after the beta testing.


Data saver option can be found under the settings menu in messenger app. To enable data saver follow these steps.

  • Open your messenger app
  • Go to first icon from right side (which appear as a small profile pic)
  • Page will you show your profile details
  • Scroll down and search for “Data Saver”
  • Tap on Data saver to Enable/Disable the option


By enabling this feature the amount of data sending and receiving will get reduced. It wont auto download the attachments sent via messenger when your on cellular data balance, instead it asks for your permission for download. However it will download the attachments automatically when you are connected to WiFi networks.

you can watch a demo video enable/disable facebook messenger data saver option

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