Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Selfiestick and Speaker from France ~ Reviews

Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Selfiestick and Speaker from France ~ Reviews cover

Hello Guys Geeky M here again with more gadget reviews! today I am going to review a fitness tracker R5 Pro, Bluetooth selfie stick and speaker from France. “Connected world” people from France sent these to me for the review purpose. I am very much excited to review these fitness trackers, Bluetooth selfie stick and speaker as they are at the budget level, of course, we love budget level gadgets because of that is in our genes. Without further due, let’s get into the review!

Fitness Tracker R5 Pro Review

This fitness tracker from the connected world called Smart Bracelet came in the nice black package. Inside the box, there is  Blueish Fitness tracker. At first glance, I loved the style and the colour of the band. The design, colour combination, strip design and material are looking cool. The paper contains the manual and complete setup information, different functions offered by the fitness band, 

In The Box

Inside this black package, we got fitness tracker itself, in another small inner package we got charging cable and some paper stuff. The packaging was nice and minimal in overall. Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Selfiestick and Speaker from France ~ Reviews ~ fintness band 1 www.trendinginfo.netDesign & Build Quality

The fitness tracking wristband strap made out of plastic with good quality of the material. There was a diagonal lines pattern embedded on the strap to give crispy on the band makes it feel premium one. The design is good but not trendy, all the latest fitness trackers are slim and thin but fitness tracker from France is thicker and appears like an old style.

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The charger along with fitness tracker is bit olden new gen type with golden pins and USB connecting other ends. I love this battery charging design concept, all you need is to place the main host in between the charger upper and lower clip. There is strong steel lock for the strap, enough number of lock holes are placed to fit any wrist size. 

Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Selfiestick and Speaker from France ~ Reviews ~ fintness band 2 www.trendinginfo.netPerformance Review of the fitness band R5 Pro from France

It takes 30-45 minutes fully charge the Fitness band and am yet to find how much standby time it offers as writing its still got battery juice. I have charged the fitness band full before start using it. You don’t need to switch on anything on fitness for Bluetooth because of it always on and open for the connection.

To connect with first download FitCloud and turn on the Bluetooth on the device it gets connected to the app automatically and starts synching the data between the band and app. 

To use any option/feature tap on the screen to scroll through the menu of options and select the option you want to proceed and hold it for a second. for example, to check bpm, select love symbol on the smart screen of the R5 pro, tap and hold for a second it will start reading the bpm when vibration alert comes the reading completes and it shows the result.

Other Features this fitness band offers

  • Time
  • Steps Count
  • Distance
  • Calories
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Shake to click photograph
  • Idle Alert
  • Water Consumption alert
  • Incoming call Reminder
  • Incoming Call Number Display
  • Message push of Facebook, Whatsapp, Line etc
  • Message content Display
  • Timer
  • Find the Phone
  • Multi-Language
  • Heart Rate
  • Blood Oxygen
  • Blood Pressure

Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Selfiestick and Speaker from France ~ Reviews ~ fintness band 5


I have tested this fitness tracker R5 Pro for few days by replacing my Mi Fitness Band HRX edition, at first I didn’t expect much from this fitness tracker but after using two-three days I kinda like it the lot. The style is good, options are fantastic, alerts sent from the phone are working awesome. I Completely loved this R5 Pro Fitness tracker.

Shake to Photo is another super feature I love on this tracker, just shake the band or hand when it’s on your hand to capture an image. I wasn’t expecting these many features this R5 Pro. To enable shake to photo go to Fitcloud app -> settings -> enable shake photograph.

Though R5 pro is an awesome fitness tracker, sometimes it doesn’t give accurate heart rate or BP ratings. I have tested with different people, heart rate was approximate but not accurate, however when I tried with placing multiple folded layers of cloth between the R5 Pro and my wrist the rating was 102bpms!!! How can it evaluate with cloth?? based on this I realised that for heart rating and BP rating we cannot solely depend on this.

Another useful feature we can rely on this R5 Pro is FInd Phone, it is another beneficial feature on this R5 pro. To search for your phone you must be connected via Bluetooth to this fitness band or else it doesn’t work. Tap on find Phone and hold that option for a second it will create an alert on your device to find it. Alert is for short period so you need to be quick or generate multiple alerts for finding the phone.

Other Features I love this R5 PRO Fitness tracker

This R5 Pro offers a bunch of other notifications like call alert, SMS alert, QQ, We chat, Facebook, Whatsapp, line, Facebook Messenger, Kakao Talk, one-hour idle alert and Drink water alert. I love all these features. All these features work well and to turn on these alert go to settings on fitcloud -> notifications -> enable required options.


Overall I love this R5 Pro for all Fitness tracking and alerts, only little disappointment is that heart rate reading not dependable. I rate this R5 Pro Fitness Tracking from Connected world Band 4/5.

Mini Trpod + Bluetooth Selfie Stick Review

Along with Fitness tracker, the connected world from France sent a Bluetooth enabled selfie stick which can be also utilised as a tripod. There is nothing much to talk about the packaging, its simple package, straight out of the box will get Bluetooth selfie stick. 

Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Selfiestick and Speaker from France ~ Reviews ~ selfiestick1 www.trendinginfo.netThis Bluetooth selfie stick pretty straight just like any other selfies stick but it works as a tripod. Selfie stick likes this becomes very much beneficial to me, who doesn’t have any assistants to click some good images or capture nice videos on youtube.

I love the dedicated Bluetooth button which is actually core thing on this tripod and selfie stick. Using this dedicated buttons there is fluent control over the image capturing, this dedicated button also utilised along with device in different position and different setups all you just need to connect it via Bluetooth. it can be used with iOS apps too. If the default camera app doesn’t work with the dedicated button, you may need to install camera 360 app from playStore to use Bluetooth remote button. Using this dedicated button we can capture both images and videos too. Max distance Bluetooth button works in 10M distance. The overall length of the selfie stick is just like any other normal selfie stick.

in selfie mode, the stick has good length and holds our devices securely. 

To set up it in tripod mode push dedicate Bluetooth button holder upside gently and let three legs of tripod fall down. The legs won’t fall completely down but they rest in horizontally, to lower the legs rotate the lower plastic rotatable lock when the legs are in the slots there is enough room to adjust legs of the selfie stick into tripod mode. Its simple setup to turn selfie stick into tripod mode and vice versa.

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Though this not strong enough to use roughly but for decent users, this is an excellent choice. I would recommend the self-video recorders who doesn’t have much amount buy expensive stuff or any assistant to help in video record.

Overall considering the price and quality of the product I rate this Bluetooth mini tripod and selfie stick 3.5/5

Bluetooth Speaker Review

I had a good time with both R5 Pro Fitness tracker and Tripod+Selfie stick, Connected world also sent me this mini Bluetooth speaker which has a mono speaker in it. My brothers’ daughter loved this Bluetooth mini speaker from the day one, instead of giving her a mobile I replaced it with this mini Bluetooth speaker to listen rhymes and children songs which safe from radiation. Coming to Speaker, it’s in modular buddy-jack design which fits in hands even for small kids. 

Fitness Tracker, Bluetooth Selfiestick and Speaker from France ~ Reviews ~ mini bluetooth Spekaer

Features of Mini Bluetooth Speaker

  • Bluetooth Range 10M
  • Battery backup time 5 hours continuous play
  • 520mAh Battery
  • Hands-free profiles
  • Supports Laptop, PC, Mobiles and Tablets both with Bluetooth and AUX
  • Expanded Bass Xapnsion drivers
  • Rich and Low-end Response
  • PLays inbuild multi-colour LED backlit lights in 360 degrees
  • USB/AUX support
  • USB port option
  • PLay directly from MicroSD or TF using onboard Card reader slot
  • Dedicated On/off button
  • Dedicated mic
  • Three different modes – Bluetooth, FM and AUX mode
  • Dedicated mode changing button
  • Play/pause/Next/previous and Volume +/- physical buttons
  • Strong plastic made body
  • Sticky base for stay grippy on any surface
  • Clear and good audio output

Performance and Review

I again misjudged by its appearance. Thought it wasn’t going perform well in the review but to my surprise, this tiny guy performed well enough to impress me. 

The sound is clear, the bass is good, volume levels are good, build quality is fine enough totally the first impressions are quite good with this mini Bluetooth speaker. The backlight while listening to the music makes the mood cool! I love the colours of lights, especially at night times, the light helps the music to go over certain good moods. Overall considering the price i rate this 4/5.

Finally, I thank connected world from France for sending these cool gadgets for review, check their products on their official website . What do you guys these reviews, leave a comment below!!

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