Five Beautiful Launchers for Android 2017

Five Beautiful Launchers for Android 2017

Application creators offer an extraordinarily differing cluster of alternatives to modify your Android device look, with launchers extending from moderate skins to those that put a mind blowing of colors shading on your device. A decent launcher can give your device an aggregate makeover, from changing the look and feel with changed symbols and icons, to including new usefulness, for example, powerful widgets and search bars with google integration.

Here is the list of five beautiful launchers you can try on your android devices, thanks us later.

Action Launcher for Android 

Its one of the most favorite launcher for android lovers here in USA because it offers stock android experience with revamped navigation style. Apart from being look like a stock android feel it offers various features like which are unique and rich. Quick theme is an option changed you UI color based on the wallpaper you are using, Shutters offers preview of widgets before even setting up on them screen. Icon supports, their own style of folder views and regular updates for the launchers are other best things to like about this launcher.

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Arrow Launcher

Its another favorite launcher for our readers, our readers Naveen, Anil tried this launcher and gave thumbs up. Arrow launcher is from Microsoft, previously critics from major websites gave it thumbs down but recently its gain good name with its updates. Presently, it appears to have developed into a decent Android launcher. The thought with Arrow Launcher is that you get a home screen to put your apps and such. From that point, you have an assortment of pre-set home screens that will demonstrate you things like regular contacts, updates, archives, and your incessant applications. Microsoft additionally refreshes the launcher regularly with new components. The elements additionally by and large coordinate with other Microsoft items. That makes it useful for individuals who utilize Microsoft items.

Evie Launcher

Evie Launcher gives you a perfect, moderate setup that feels fundamentally the same as stock Android. There’s additionally an astute slide-out bar on the left side that gives you brisk access to the majority of your applications. All inclusive inquiry lets you simply begin writing an application’s name to discover whichever one you require. Live wallpaper support, a custom application dock, and different components let you change your home screen and application drawer to your heart’s favorite content

Launcher 8

Launcher 8 is a fresh and unique launcher since it looks in no way like Android. Truth be told, this present launcher’s sole reason for existing is to make your device resemble a Windows Phone. Utilizing this, you can change over your gadgets into Windows Phone style live tiles and make for all intents and purposes a similar affair you’d find on Windows Phone. But, you know, with a working YouTube application. It additionally accompanies a modest bunch of different components making it an extremely strong Android launcher application. The launcher is free to download.

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Lens Launcher 

In the event that you need a really one of a kind interpretation of the home screen, look at Lens Launcher. It puts each and every application on your home screen, which implies they’ll get very little on the off chance that you have a ton. Be that as it may, sort of like the Apple Watch interface, you can zoom in and select the application many. Focal point Launcher is not for everybody, but rather it’s certainly a more unique go up against how to deal with the home screen setup.

This articles bring you unique trending launchers to try out and choose your favorite ones, there are other plenty of launchers available for us in playstore, will cover them in Five Beautiful Launchers for Android 2017

So what you think of these guys? give a comment below.

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