Five Popular Android UI’s


Each time we catch wind of a mobile phone, we find out about its (UI) as well. Numerous gadgets run Android, however what do individuals mean when they say the HTC 10 has Sense UI and the Galaxy Note 5 is utilizing TouchWiz?

Firstly, what do we mean by a UI? In spite of the fact that Android shows up on these gadgets beneath, it comes in various appearances. The Nexus 5X, and all different Nexus gadgets, have the “stock” variant of Android, which other mobile phone producers use to make their own adaptations.

These claim mark adaptations of Android are in some cases known as “forked” renditions.


Why Different UI’s?

The mobile application experience is not just an after effect of how well the application functions additionally how well it’s been intended for visual and enthusiastic joy. We want to commend extraordinary application UI that serve client needs and additionally add to the developing field of mobile application outline. every Android skin has its fans while a few clients like to stay away from them totally for the stock UI. In this way, to help you locate the best skin for you.

Gadget producers utilize their own particular UI for some reasons, yet for the most part to brand. The adaptable way of Android means unique hardware supervisors, or OEMs, have a chance to add their own particular stamp to the product: in outline and elements.  Truly, these distinctive UIs don’t put big affect on your overall user experience, they all take into account the greater part of similar things, it’s just about the bundling and the packaged applications that accompany them.


Stock Android

Stock Android is the interface found on Google’s gadgets. For a few, this is the Android highest quality level, the genuine Android, free from any outsider modifications.

The fundamental preferred standpoint of Stock Android contrasted with different UIs is the speed at which gadgets running it get upgrades; Google makes the product, so its equipment is first to get it.

Be that as it may, another key part of its allure is that you can rest guaranteed that it has been streamlined for the segments inside the gadget. Google (in organization with another OEM) discharges just several gadgets for each year, reason worked for the new Android variant. Different makers discharge many gadgets and are entrusted with redesigning their own UIs for last-gen and current-gen equipment.


In the event that you need to encounter the iPhone interface in your android gadgets than this is the best interface for you to attempt. There are four new framework UI topics that change the way symbols, menus and other realistic components look. You can browse Rosé, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life.

You can likewise utilize Muse, the new topic creation apparatus, to alter the interface the way you need, finish with movements and element content. Xiaomi says it now has more than 15,000 subjects accessible in its store. By which you can do customisation as per the you need your telephones interface.


TouchWiz is Samsung’s custom Android skin. Adored by a few, detested by others, this interface is ubiquitous to the point that it’s frequently what goes to customers’ brains first when considering Android, despite the fact that it’s altogether different to the stock rendition. he bolt screen includes a straightforward clock, date and battery rate in case you’re charging. The home screen symbols and catches have a reasonable Samsung season, with its average bloom picture on the Gallery application and basic yellow Messages symbol.

Take note of that the application drawer is set to the base right of the show as opposed to the most normal area at the base focus, and the Google seek bar drifts amidst the gadget, instead of at the top.



CyanogenMod is created as free and open source programming in view of the official arrivals of Android by Google. This UI is utilized by organizations like OnePlus, Yu Yureka. It is an upgraded open source firmware conveyance for cell phones and tablet PCs in view of the Android portable working framework. It offers components and alternatives not found in the official firmware appropriated by merchants of these gadgets. Highlights upheld by CyanogenMod incorporate local theming support, FLAC sound codec bolster, an expansive Access Point Name list, an OpenVPN customer, an upgraded reboot menu, CPU overclocking and other execution improvements, delicate catches and other “tablet changes”, application authorizations administration, and additionally other interface upgrades. CyanogenMod does not contain spyware or bloatware.

Xperia UI

Xperia UI is Sony’s UI. Like TouchWiz, it’s an alternate stylish to stock Android and in this way very polarizing.
Since Sony telephones don’t have a physical home catch, its Return, Home and Recent applications catches are incorporated as a component of the product interface. These are spoken to by a triangle, pentagon and square.Like most makers, Sony utilizes its own custom symbols, with revamped logos for calls, informing and contacts. The application menu is situated at the base focus of the gadget, and the diverse home screens are depicted as spots above it. Not at all like Samsung, HTC and LG, Sony’s UI does exclude a news feed on the furthest left screen.

Other Popular UI’s

Sense – HTC


Emotion UI



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