Five Things to Remember Before Installing Apps on Mobile

The world running on smart phones and smart devices now. Mobiles users have numerous choices to pickup a mobile model for them based on their usages and desires. Every individual has their own taste of choice and chooses a device. Mobile initially wont get much apps on them by default, it user job to install the required apps on the mobile. Major mobile manufacturers setup their own store to download apps/software for the mobiles, other giants like Google, Microsofts, Apple. etc has their own collections of apps maintained in their repositories/stores. Some mobiles allows you download apps from anywhere on the internet and install them. But like Android mobiles, by default they doesn’t allow users to download third party applications on mobile. We need to manually enable the option to install the third party apps or installing the apps from unknown sources. This step to prevent the users from installing malicious/suspicious applications, which arent scanned and listed by the major application stores like playstore. These play stores scans each application carefully for malicious/suspicious behaviors and for viruses. So, through Stores we get certified applications but still we arent guaranteed for the protection¬† to the data in our mobile. The below steps will guide you to “how to protect your data from malicious applications” and things to consider before installing any application.

Download From Official App stores

Major mobile OS developers has their own app repositories called app stores. These app stores contains thousands of developed application for that particular platform devices, the apps are categorized into different sections like games, apps, entertainment apps, social apps ..etc. Apps stores contains certified and verified apps in their repository, each developed app goes through several security tests run. So, the app store mostly contains genuine apps, which are get certified in their security test labs. It is always recommended to  download the apps from official apps stores

For Android mobiles Google PlayStore

For Windows mobiles Windows Store

For Apple mobiles App Store

Five Things to Remember Before Installing Apps on Mobile

Check App Permissions

Every app installed on the mobile requires the permission to access different resources on the mobile hardware and software components. While installing apps will display what kind of permission they require on the device. So, you can have eye the app request list. If the app asks unnecessary resources permissions, you can uncheck them. this way you can limit the app from using the unnecessary resources on the mobile.

Scan With Anti-Virus

Even though you are downloaded the app from the official store, it is better to have a virus check on the app by scanning with anti virus. May be some times few virus resides in our memory which can give access to the installed app, which came out as clean app from the official store. So, checking the applications behavior at regular intervals is better option to stay out of troubles.

Read App Reviews

After placing the app in the stores, official teams allow you to download the apps and write the reviews/views on the app. Every app gets the comments from the users, user leaves comments regarding the working experience of app, app performance, display performance, speed, lagging and bugs. All these information is given by the users who installed app already and used it for quite some time. Once going through user comments at app installation page gives us some idea whether to install that particular app or not. If the feed back is negative then you can go to another similar app to install.

Check Device Compatibility

Each device model is different from another, the devices comes with different OS version which can run some special features on some devices and others wont. There are apps especially designed for only few models and OS versions, so it preferable to check the compatibility of the application with our mobile and OS version. If it is not compatible with our mobile design, layout, screen size, graphics limitation and OS version then it is better to go earlier versions of the same app or installing another app.

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