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flex clip dash board

Hello Fellows, Geeky M here back with another online tool review. Its been long since I reviewed gadgets here on our blog trenfinginfo. I got you another free tool for online video editing FlexClip, this is the tool which doesnt need much editing knowledge. FlexClip looks simple and straight. Lets dive into the review to know much about how it stands.

Initially, FlexClip is online editor which does mean everything will handles is online via web browsers. So it needs continuous internet connection to work on it. If you are looking offline video editing this is not for you. 

FlexClip is a free tool currently. It has ready templates such travel video, Birth day video, Photography video and Real Estate videos. Apart from these you can try customized versions too.

Using FlexClip is good option for the people who wants a quick videos with music, text, video trimming and adding music to photos. FlexClip video maker online tool offers other products such as  video maker, movie maker and presentation/slideshow maker.

Earlier we tried to make quick wedding invitation video with images adding bit music to images. The output was decent enough. Editor was simple loads the images quickly, editing becomes much easier for those who are new to video editing. Also FlexClip offers basic tools which helps newbies to learn and practice video editing. This is good tool for them.

Lets dive into full review of FlexClip online video maker tool to find out more details.

FlexClip Features

  • Trim Video
  • Add Music
  • Add Text
  • Record Voice Over
  • Video Merger
  • Video Watermark
  • Aspect Ratio
  • Video Resolution
  • Photo to Video
  • Split, Zoom and Rotate Video
  • Media Library and upload your own media

How does FlexClip Works?

FlexClip simple to start on just visit tools home page FlexClip singup with your email and setup a password. Click on “Create New” project. Then you can choose from existing good range of video templates belongs to different categories. These video templates are again divided into popular, business and personal so you can pickup wisely. Then continue to with editing by placing your images, videos, pics and suitable music.

It will take few seconds to load you work area story board.

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while working your project work will be saved automatically. So, at step if you closed the application by mistake you can come without any worries.

Straight into the dash board we will find Text options, Font options, logo insertion, music inserting option, water mar and ration settings. 

On the other side will have video preview pane where we can see all the editing with previews.

At the bottom on time line we can see thumbnail previews of what being edited on the board. The time line is simple to understand. So even who doesn’t exposed to editing software can work FlexClip with easy.

flex clip dash board insertion

On the top left hand side project name will be displayed and it can be changed at any time.  There is zoom in and out option which becomes very handy at some moments.

Each story board has its own time frame set, you can play with each individual story boards and can add number of special effects available on the dash board. The overall video length will shown on time line. Video can be split, trimmed, merged and can be rotated. Back ground color adding features will helpful when working with photos to video projects or while working with images.

We can add narration with record option on the dash board. There number stock files available with FlexClip, they can be inserted with simple search. All our previous projects related files will be available in FlexClip local library. 

Once we are done with video editing we can download the output file in 3 formats 480p, 720p and 1080p! That’s great feature with any free video editing tool that too without any water mark on the output file. Kudos to the team for such feature.

flex clip export page

FlexClip offers a very good number tutorials and tips pages, which explains in more detail to make max out of flexclip video editor. You can find them here https://www.flexclip.com/tutorial/get-started.html

Finally, FlexClip is a very good video online editor for non geeks and non tech people. 

Here are my final findings:


  • Easy to work on
  • Basic options with simple Dash board layout
  • No premium version
  • Stock media available
  • No brand Water mark on output file
  • Projects are auto saved
  • Video templates available
  • Tutorials and tips available
  • Time line frame work
  • Narration can be added
  • Trim, Rotation, Zoom, Merge video options available
  • 3 Video qualities offered
  • Different Ratios
  • High quality output’s

Though its great video editor in some points, its need to get added a good number features which makes editing more flexible online. Here are my personal recommendations for FlexClip team.

  • Need stylish fonts, slide show animations , text format options
  • Time line story boards needs more flexible options like in other video editors
  • The individual story boards are good but adding more options to the story board could make the editor more desirable for editing
  • Would like to see much more advanced features in the editor in future updates

Thanks to Sophia from FlexClip who reached us to review their tool.

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