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After quite a few days, I picked up a small and powerful gadget GateKeeper to Review which is unique in unlocking your pc. So, this is Gatekeeper Review here. There are different ways to unlock your PC’s like password setting, voice recognition, touch id and facial recognition etc. We came across all these kind of techniques and in 2017, people have not much time for using all those old methods. I keep my desktop running even when go to pick the mails, to drink water, to check whose knocking the door.etc, it’s an irritating work to lock and unlock your pc whenever you get away from it.

For the people at work, who roams different blocks and departments to collect data, to clear doubts and to talk with colleagues, locking and unlocking the desktop or laptop becomes a hectic job. So, came up with a product with the idea to get rid of frequent manual locking, unlocking and provide high security to your data when you are away from your system.

GateKeeper Review

Gate Keeper ~ Unlock PC with NO Code Review ~ gatekeeper

Not only locking and unlocking, the data security is one more crucial point for the gatekeeper design. They claim that this device provides it protects from unauthorized person accessing your data, keeps your sensitive data secured by locking it. Claims the setup and configuration of the tools are pretty simple, so non-geeks could also use this with ease. According to them, GateKeeper reduces the IT costs, provides military-grade security and two-factor authentication and neutralizes the mild internal security issues.

Inside Gatekeeper Box

Gate Keeper ~ Unlock PC with NO Code Review ~ inside the box 1

Inside GateKeeper pack a wireless lock, a Bluetooth adapter, a keychain and a battery. The components look so simple but once you set up everything you can be amazed how it locks your pc when you get away from it.

  • Gatekeeper Bluetooth Key Tracker
  • Battery
  • Gatekeeper printed Key Carrying Tag
  • Gatekeeper USB Key Adapter

The main gadget the key tracker small fits easily in hand, you can add a tag and carry it everywhere. You can also keep it in your pocket when you’re getting away from the pc, its detection range good.

After installing the required software and hardware setup we started to test it. Yes! it worked as promised, The Setup is very easy. Download the software from, follow the on-screen instructions and set up a strong password for the keyguard and a PIN for protection. That’s it! you are ready to go!

Gate Keeper ~ Unlock PC with NO Code Review ~ set up 3

Gate Keeper ~ Unlock PC with NO Code Review ~ set up 4

The Application gives you four choices unlock your PC

Unlocks but you need to enter your PC password

Login automatically using gatekeeper

Touch to login

Login using gatekeeper and PIN setup earlier

Gate Keeper ~ Unlock PC with NO Code Review ~ set up 2

In the first attempt, we tested it in a home environment. The application shows the signal tracking and strength of the signal whether it is near or far. In all three attempts, this gadget proved what its made for. Detected when we walked almost 10-15 feet away from the PC and locked down the PC!! that’s amazing. When we got near to PC it detected the keyguard unlocked the PC in few seconds. I think its perfect solution for those who move away from their PC frequently.

In our second attempt, tested outside in the open area. It was successful in the first attempt to lock unlock when we walked away from the pc but in the second try the detection and unlocking were bit slower than all attempts, may be due to the wind speed affected the tracking or it may be another reason but it was slow in detection and unlocking.

In our final attempt in open area, it worked as expected in locking and unlocking. Thumbs up for this!!!

Software & Performance

Gatekeeper developers team providing two application for both desktop, mobile and it supports Mac and Windows Platforms. We tested this on Windows 10 32 bit system framework. Application setup, configuration, and working with it easy, no expertise required. Even non-geek users can set up the gatekeeper application and manage all credentials set up. 

The layout is clear in presentation, all major settings are presented on the main tab. From here you can change the pin, password and other settings can be managed. The application also has an indicator to show how far is the gatekeeper key from the PC. We can see the same options and operations on the mobile apps.

 Conclusion: After attempting 6 times in 2 testing setups only single time the detection of the wireless key was failed but we don’t think that’s a device problem. So! under our review, the device passed the test and performed as it was promised. 


Small and secure

Easy to install and setup

Accurate tracking


The only con we found is the build quality was average, it may break easily.

Check Our Gatekeeper Unboxing and Review Video

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