Gmail Gets New Brand Look – Take a Look

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We have been aware of how the UI of major apps, sites, forums are being updated to new brand looks. Google is one of them who stands in first to adopt changes in different zones periodically. There were been many rumors, leaks screenshots, news articles and posts about Gmail gets new brand look in 2018. The News was correct Gmail gets new brand look and here we are showing the few glimpses of it. Soon, it will be rolled out to everyone. I love the new look and started to explore it. The layout looks smooth, colors are bright and its totally cool brand new look of Gmail.

Gmail Gets New Brand Look – Peek at itgmail-gets-new-brand-look-view

After the announcement of this change, it wasn’t immediately available to the users. The new look will be first available for web users, for mobile users it will take little more time to roll out. Both looks on the web and mobile devices seem similar, more close.

Initially, after you get the fresh new look of Gmail it will ask you to choose a view with three template options Default, Comfortable and compact after the welcome box disappears.

  • Default View highlights when there is an attachment in the email like documents and photos
  • Comfortable View doesn’t highlight attachments and simply shows emails list
  • Compact View is similar to present and old Gmail layout which look simple rows layout by showing emails list. Compact view increases the numbers email on the single page.

The new look of Gmail includes some elements from Google Inbox Design and material design concepts.

Gmail Gets New Brand Look-inox-view -smart replies - themes

There is big change added to Gmail in this new brand look, there is sidebar which holds plugins like tasks, calendar, and note-taking app. Adding sidebar in Gmail in bigger change than any happened to Gmail in last few years. By introducing these plugins right inside Gmail, Google has made the job hassle-free. Earlier to add notes, tasks users need to jump out from Gmail and its time killing but now you can do such tasks simply right inside the Gmail inbox.

Gmail Gets New Brand Look-inox-view -smart replies

“For folks who need to send sensitive information, Gmail is also getting a new confidential mode, which will let remove the option to forward, copy, download or print messages. Plus, you can also make a message expire after a set period of time to help you stay in control of your information.” ~ source TNW


Gmail brand new look includes smart replies just like mobile apps got a few months back. These smart replies make the replies more efficient in Gmail.

Gmail Gets New Brand Look-inox-view -snooze feature

A new feature introduced along with above changes called “Snooze”, which let’s hide emails from inbox for certain period of time. You can unhide or un-Snooze when you are ready. So, Snooze feature in new Gmail buys you some time to reply few email threads.

Gmail Gets New Brand Look-inox-view -smart replies -calendar, tasks, notes

This brand new look of Gmail is not available to all at present, even if you want to try this you need to wait little more or it depends on the type of account you are using. 

If it’s rolled out to you check settings cog button on the top right corner of the Gmail and if it there you are lucky, just enjoy the new cool look by enabling it.

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