Google Maps Update V9.23 Brings Visually Fresh Navigation & New Features

Google Maps Update V9.23 Brings Visually Fresh Navigation & New Features

Google Maps For Android Update Brings Visually Fresh Navigation & New Features

The latest maps Apk version bringing the users a few new features and rich visual experience. the new version apk of maps (v9.23) brings changes in navigation, offline maps automatic downloading and notifications. Google making the users to live the life more freely by adding these updates. The V9.23 comes with different new features inclusion, so let’s find out what we got in it.

New Things In Maps V9.23

While driving we have to watch the path on the device to check our positions and listen to voice directions, perhaps we may have to handle the device manually, but enabling the notifications will give a better chance to drive safely by pushing on-screen notifications. In earlier version maps the notifications come on white background, but the colours have changed the notification comes on materialistic green background with white coloured text. This colour combination will give more clear view for the driver to drive with more ease.

Notifications For Event on Timeline

In this version, we get a notification for our timeline events on maps, your previous location history based will be see the places you visited, sometimes the location guess may go wrong. So, this option  also helps to get accurate location event by asking you by posting questions in notifications area.

Automatically Download Offline Areas

In the last version we had an option download the offline areas manually but now users got new features that enables to download the offline areas automatically, enabling this option from offline settings the maps will automatically downloads to your location related information. So, next time users need to worry about the navigation problem due to network problems, the offline maps will help you.


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