Google Releases Beatiful Wallpapers App

Google has been making the life of smart phone mobile users so fantastic, recently it has launched few applications like Duo and Allo which made the conversations much interesting. To give life to mobile screen appearance now Google silently released  an app called “wallpapers” , everyone can download it.

Using this beautiful app you can make the display of your device turn into spectacular visual treat in hands. App is simple and straight forwarded, no turn-around in using this app.  App UI is design to be so simple yet very clean, makes it look ease to use. At first glance you will definitely like it.

The app brings all the image folder into it, so you can access the pics of your device along with app categories. Wallpaper contains five different categories along with device wallpapers. These galleries contains the images from google base. The wallpapers provided in the app are so unique and fresh looking, makes the view so pleasurable.

Inside the app you will find present set wallpaper and several categories to choose the app. Choosing wallpapers so easy, you can pick from your device images, wallpapers, live wallpapers, theme wallpapers and other wallpaper folders in the device. The app gives you access to google image base which contains images from categories Earth, Landscape, CityScapes, Life and Textures.

All images are properly licensed from google, so these wallpapers HD and pro looking. You feel very hard to choose because each and every image from these galleries look fantastic on your device display. You can Preview before applying it.

There in an explore option given while picking the wallpaper which takes you to source of the image. Image credits were placed above the explore option. i feel this app is clean and very easy to use, it gives you hands on fantastic terrains, landscapes and textures to set as your favorite device wallpaper.

[alert type=yellow ]The app requires internet connection to load Wallpapers.[/alert]

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