Group Audio Calls On WhatsApp??

Group Audio Calls On WhatsApp

Just a few hours before we heard that WhatsApp’s most wanted feature delete sent message in WhatsApp from receivers device too was announced and for our surprise, another major feature announced. Group audio calls on WhatsApp is under testing in beta versions, if they are successful and released to the public on stable versions it is going to be another major feature of WhatsApp ever had.

Group Audio Calls On WhatsApp

Sources say group calls are next big features on WhatsApp but they cant show the testing result of beta version because they aren’t yet visible in beta versions yet. This feature was testing under internal WhatsApp project developments according to the sources. However, it is confirmed that developers are working on it internally, to implement such major feature there is a lot to add to the application under the hood to the application. 

Adding group audio calls makes the application better than ever and it stands tough competition to the applications which are specially designed for group conversations. the developers behind adding these features to WhatsApp making the application better and better every day by adding user interested features.

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All things apart, this feature is still in internal development stage which requires much more development to bring it on live. We cant expect group audio calls on WhatsApp not earlier than 2018 because WhatsApp has other priorities which have to be added earlier than this. So, don’t expect sooner than 2018, when this feature comes alive and available for users will inform you so stay updated.

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