How Make Voice Calls from 2G/3G Devices Connected to JioFi WiFi HotSpot

Reliance JIO launched yesterday officially, every one talking about the cheapest data rates provided by the jio services. However, 2G, 3G device holders are disappointed that they are not eligible to get the jio sim and rest of the services getting from the jio services. The welcome offer would be valid till the end of the 2016, so there are many questions popped by lot of potential mobile users. One of the major question asked by JioFi users “how to make calls from their 2G/3G handsets connected to JioFi hotspot?”.

Every JioFi hotspot device comes with sim installed in it, so users can utilize this opportunity make calls from their devices. However, JIO already announced that you dont need to pay a penny to make calls from JIO. All calls, SMS made from the JIO are free forever as announced by Mr. Ambani at AGM. Here is the process how to make the calls form the your 2G/3G device connected JioFi HotSpot WiFi connection.

Note:  Your device must connected to JioFi WiFi connection.

  1.  Install MyJIO & Jio Join apps from playstore on your 2G/3G device.
  2.  Launch MyJio app, you would be asked to singin, signup  and skip.
  3.  Tap on Skip, as you are already connected JioFi which has JIO SIM in it. So, it would automatically sign in  you using the SIM.
  4.  Next, Launch Jio Join App, it would also ask you to sign in, again tap on skip and it signs you in
  5.  If any app permission related requests pops up tap “yes” always.
  6.  Once check the status Jio Join connection on the right top corner, make sure the app connected to network.
Not Connected to JioFi
Not Connected to JioFi

If the Status shown as offline, try again by closing and re-opening the app, check your connectivity.

Connected to JioFi network
Connected to JioFi network.

Once connected to the network use the dialer provided in the jio join app to make calls, the interface is very simple to make calls. You can observe difference between the normal calls these LTE based high speed data voice calls while speaking on the phone, the quality is absolutely fantastic. The contacts, recent calls details and a search is given in the dialer interface which makes more convenient for making calls. You would find an option to make video calls also from the same dialer.




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