How to Capture Long/Scrolling Screenshots in Mobiles

Recently, MIUI 8 Global stable update is released to all the supportive devices, there are many advanced features integrated in this update. One of the best feature in this update is “scrolling screenshot”, there was huge demand for this kind feature in any mobile. Many mobile users asked the question “how to capture long/scrolling screenshots in mobiles” and “is there any app to take long screenshots” but the answers were not so useful and almost no perfect app for this task. Actually what does long screenshot means?, from user point of view the answer is capturing a window either horizontally or vertically by scrolling and creating image wider or taller than normal screenshot.

This feature helps in capturing long information, like long conversation, long webpages or continuous information in single page. Taking a normal screenshot is available in almost all smart phone devices around the world but when it comes to capture long scrolling window in single screenshot almost difficult on any phone. So, to address this issue the most desired scrolling/long screenshot function is integrated in the MIUI8.

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Now coming to the point how to do it, for those who doesn’t know to to capture screen shot just do this. Open the page/window/app you would like capture then go to top navigation/settings menu in mobile, you would see an option called “screen shot” just tap on it, on successful screen shot capture you will get notification. If not found such option you can do it in another way, click & hold the volume down button + power button at once. The current running window screen will be captured. This will work all latest android based mobiles regardless of their UI’s and versions.


Taking long screen shot would be same but an extra step required, follow the above steps. Once you capture the screen the notification pops up in MIUI 8 by showing preview of the captured screenshot just tap on it, which could last in 3-5 seconds. Then another window opens up by showing the present captured screenshot and few options below it choose “scroll” from that menu it enable you scroll through the window, just hold the image and scroll down image until you required and tap “Done” once you reached desired end point. In few seconds the large scrolling screenshot will be created for you.


Note: This scrolling screenshot feature at present available in MIUI8 updated device and few android devices, we are not sure about other devices.

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