How to Compress Images In Windows 10


What is Compressing?

In terms of computer world, compressing doesn’t mean exactly as applying force to squeeze or press something but it almost sounds similar. According to “Compression is a reduction in the number of bits needed to represent data. Compressing data can save storage capacity, speed file transfer, and decrease costs for storage hardware and network bandwidth.”


Windows 10 recent released major operating system which is now running on millions of desktop. Still today, there are many people using the old windows 7 version OS on their desktops and laptop because of its friendly and easy UI navigation’s. So, for those who upgrading newly into windows 10 finding some old features becomes little tough task and image compression is another important task we can do in windows platform. So how to compress image in windows 10? follow these steps.

Method 1
  1. Open Microsoft Picture Manger from menu
  2. Load required picture browsing it from “locate picture” which is on right side(show in image)
  3. Choose the local drive to load the image
  4. Program will scan for the available images on the drive and lists the folder and image on left side
  5. You can pick or browse from the left side menu, once they loaded
  6. Once the image loaded, click on “Edit Pictures” on right menu layout or from top then “Compress Pictures”
  7. You can see the original size and dimension of the image on the bottom right corner
  8. Choose the required type compression from 3 types available from the “Compress For”
  9. You can notice the expected image size and dimension’s even before compression by just choosing the type of compression
  10. After choosing type compression click “Ok” and then “save” or go for “save as” for saving the file with different name
compressing_image_in_windows10 menu


Method 2

This method is for opening image in “microsoft office picture manager” right from image location

  1. Right click on image
  2. Choose “Open With” -> “Microsoft Office Picture Manager”
  3. Repeat the steps from step 2 from Method 1

If you think you need more features are required while compression the images you can read the five best compressing tools and you can watch a demo of compressing images in our trendinginfo youtube channel

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