How To Get Noticed By Using The Infographic Resume

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The job market these days is very competitive, and no matter how skilled you are for the job there are hundreds of other applicants, and somehow a handful of them tend to stand out from the crowd. So, it’s safe to say that it is important to stand out in this day age, especially when it comes to your resume.

How would I stand out, you say? Well by creating an infographic resume. Now obviously, you can’t go handing this infographic resume like candy to every single company you want to apply to, however there are a few companies who would appreciate a different type of resume.

Now the first thing you need to remember before you start creating your infographic resume is that an infograph is a form of storytelling. People love infographs because images grab their attention, and it a form of visual storytelling. The whole purpose of creating an infographic resume is to market yourself, get HR to engage with it, get them interested in you, get you an interview, and ultimately land you the job.

Research the Company

Naturally you want to research the company you want to apply to. However, you need to research deeper into the type of company they so that you can determine if a conventional resume or infographic resume should be sent.

Large corporate companies will not be amused with your infographic resume and will toss it into the “no” pile. Smaller upcoming and creative companies will definitely appreciate the creative attempt.

Depending on the company, you can add your infographic resume along with your conventional resume, as this will show your ability to think creatively and out of the box.

What to Put on your Infographic Resume

Because this is an infographic document and needs to be within a limited space, you need to careful think about what you will be putting on this resume. You obviously can’t copy and paste everything from your conventional resume, and you need to bear in mind that this resume will be mostly visual with a few key words.

Research examples of infographic resumes to see what others have placed on their resume. This will give you a better idea of what put in and what to leave out.

best resume writing tips

The Structure

Your infographic resume needs to follow a certain structure, so that you don’t confuse or lose your audience. Again, researching examples of infographic resumes will help with this. Based on examples you have found, create a draft version on paper and start by creating sections, like how you would in a conventional resume.

Here are Examples of Some Headings you could Use:

· A header with your full name, current position, and contact details

· Personal statement

· 3 key areas of expertise

· You work experience

· Your achievements

· Additional information such as personal interests, causes you are interested in etc.

Choosing a Template

Research the types of designs out there and choose one that is suitable for your content and also choose on that suits your personal taste.

It is not necessary to use many colours, you can choose a few key colours that will work well. Remember they key to a good design is to keep it clean and simple. Don’t overcrowd your resume with unnecessary images to compensate for lack of content, ensure that you have enough relevant content that will enhance your design. If it is difficult for you, use a professional resume and cv writing service for help.

You can use the following Design Elements:

· Timelines to show the flow of your career

· Stats to show your relevant experience

· Company logos to show where you have worked

· Quotes or mentions from your previous company

Once you have done all your research, gathered all the relevant content and chosen your design and content, star putting it all together in a way that is flows and makes sense. Ensure that your infographic resume is to understand and follow. If you get really stuck, there are several websites that provide readymade templates that you can fill in, just go online and find them.

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